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  • “…but nowhere, in any of the Army Lists, does it show that I can use a Kradschützen Squad.”

    Kradschützen squads are in most of the early war theatre selectors under the 0-4 infantry squads. Example,

    AoG p 81, Infantry, 0-4 Infantry Squads: Heer Infantry squads, Kradschützen squads or a maximum of 1 Heer Pioneer squad.

  • 1) Says nothing about the defender. Does the defender draw his dices on the first turn as usual?

    Yes. That is the default for a turn and there is nothing to suggest a difference in this case.

    2) Attacker entering with “advance” can already shoot at units within range?

    Yes. Again, shooting at the end of an Advance order is the default and the…[Read more]

  • Where is it open to interpretation? Sniper teams do not have any ‘… as depicted on the model’ in the weapon line (that’s only HQ units), they have defined weapons as allocated in the weapon line of their entry in the army list, or if the supplement author was following the rules, just the one sniper rifle same as any other team weapon. The…[Read more]

  • Weapon team members are usually not allocated weapons (exception for some nations sniper teams) as per p73, Weapons, Team Weapons, second para, last sentence. They fight with the default one attack in close quarters, and no special rules – they don’t get any benefit from what they’re modelled with.

  • ‘All enemy units that are within 18″ of, and have line of sight to, one or more
    vehicle with the Tiger Fear special rule…’ and ‘… except if ordered to Fire against a vehicle causing Tiger Fear.’ – there is no requirement to target the particular vehicle causing Tiger Fear, or all vehicles causing Tiger Fear, just a vehicle causing Tiger Fear,…[Read more]

  • I take it you’re talking about ambushing a tank on an Advance order? The tank is not open topped until after it has fired the pintle mounted weapon. That means after the shooting part of an Advance order. You can only ambush movement (unless attempting to fire normally at the end of the turn), so your opportunity to activate your ambush has…[Read more]

  • Stuart Harrison replied to the topic Penetration in the forum Bolt Action 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Penetration, the weapon stat, applies vs all targets as you stated – P61, second sentence of the definition. What doesn’t apply except when heavy weapons hit armoured targets is the pen modifiers (side, rear, top, long range) from p106-7, Vehicles, Shooting At Vehicles, Damage vs Armoured Targets.

  • @ Steiner, that ‘double penalty’ is specific to HE. There is no equivalent for flame weapons – flamethrowers are already devastating enough.

  • The first damage result, stunned, is on ‘1 or less’ to account for superficial damage reducing the score below 1. The minimum (and most likely) result is stunned.

  • Stuart Harrison replied to the topic 6' weapons in the forum Bolt Action 6 months, 3 weeks ago


    3+ base to hit number
    Point blank modifier (+1 to your die score) makes that a 2+ needed on the dice (so far). This one will always apply with a 6″ range weapon.

    At 3″ or under, it doesn’t suffer the long range to hit penalty, so if no other modifiers apply it remains 2+ to hit.

    At over 3″, it suffers the long range penalty (-1…[Read more]

  • There is nothing preventing long range and point blank overlapping and both applying for short ranged weapons. They are different factors assessed separately – think of long range as limitations of the weapon and point blank being the benefit of instinctive aiming for the firer.

  • @Mark G, I’m not a fan of major buffs to HE, especially when HE was already so good vs AP in first edition that they decided to up the HE values of the big AT guns to balance the points better. I’m doubly against it when those suggested buffs don’t come with a suggested cost increase.

    HE vs smoke mechanics – smoke has a persistent effect on the…[Read more]

  • NCOs are specifically prevented from becoming loader for a squad based team weapon.

    MRB, p73, Weapons, Weapon Special Rules, Team Weapon, Squad Based Team Weapons, third sentence – ‘Choose which model becomes the loader – you can pick any model in the squad except the NCO…’

    As written, there should be one weapon with no loader to comply with…[Read more]

  • “One a different note, how do you feel about LMGs, MMGs and HMGs all having the same range in the games?”

    Machine gun ranges are a problem, partly due to attempting to fix LMGs being underpowered without changing the points from first edition, and partly because of compression on a 4’x6′ table with heavy artillery on the same table as small…[Read more]

  • They cost 5 points more than a normal veteran, one point of that is tough fighter (most likely on the basis of the dog), get a rifle or SMG as modelled (another 3 points if you go the SMGs), and they get the doubled detection radius against hidden units. If you go adding more to them they become badly under costed. The fluff talks about them being…[Read more]

  • Non disintegrating link for the MG 34/42:

    Non disintegrating link for MG34/42

    Yes, it could be linked together to form longer belts, but it’s not a simple task in the field.

    “IMHO, Brens, BARs, Lewis guns, Degtyaryovs, FM 24/29s, ZB27s, etc, etc, since they’re not belt-fed, are just automatic rifles….” We’re going to have to disagree on your conclusion. The BAR is the only aut…[Read more]

  • @ Lawrence,

    “I will continue to quibble about the sustained firepower of multiple linked belts vs. continual mag changes though….especially when firing suppression or final protective fires.”

    I would have to ask if you’re still on the divide between the Bren as a WW2 LMG, or the divide between the Bren and a post war GPMG/WW2 MMG? Which of i…[Read more]

  • Video on the Bren (and a few other MGs in use by the Brits early war) – the last 20 seconds or so show it in use on the tripod.

    … and with the 100 round…[Read more]

  • 1. Agree on shotguns.

    2. Agree on FG42.

    3. Totally disagree on the Bren gun. If you’ve ever been part of a team with one, you’d see the difference between it and a BAR immediately. The top fed system allows the second man to have the replacement magazine in place before the gunner has even finished the movement of tossing the empty mag under…[Read more]

  • Stuart Harrison replied to the topic Senior NCOs in the forum Bolt Action 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Campaign D Day: US Sector
    P158, Optional Rules (intro text states must be agreed by both players prior to beginning the game or promulgated by a tournament’s Tournament Organiser), Senior NCOs.

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