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  • Found this on the AWM London site which seems to comfirm the impression I had above:

    “Australian naval vessels stationed in the India Ocean at times served in Burmese waters, but no Australian units served in the campaign, although many airmen of the RAAF served in RAF squadrons, and in 1945 some Australian Army liaison officers served in…[Read more]

  • Other than POWs moved to the Thai/Burma railway from Changi, closest deployment of Australians I can think of would be Borneo – Curtin opposed Churchill’s orders (given assuming Australia’s approval) to send the 6th and 7th Divisions to Burma after the 8th Division was lost in…[Read more]

  • I would say this bit “But, if the motorcycle squad advances 12” the riders can then dismount and advance as Regular infantry” is conflating a unit that dismounts from it’s optional bikes with an embarked unit disembarking from a transport that has advanced.  The first is a single unit acting on one Advance order.  The latter is two separate uni…[Read more]

  • You’re not following what I’m saying.  The howitzer will have to rotate using an advance order, so will no longer be firing to it’s rear.  It’s the same as when it uses an advance to rotate and fire with direct fire, just there is no effect of the -1 to hit modifier due to indirect fire not using modifiers, only the ranging in process.

    “It’s the…[Read more]

  • It’s the weapon’s arc that dictates whether the weapon can shoot with a Fire order, or it has to use an Advance to rotate and bring the target into it’s arc.  The spotter’s position is irrelevant – so long as he has LOS to the target his LOS can be used by the weapon crew.

  • The howitzer can fire in it’s rear arc direct as well, it simply needs to use an advance order to rotate and fires at -1 ‘to hit’. p67, Weapons, Weapon Special Rules, Fixed, third para provides the provision for fixed weapons rotating and firing on an Advance order, p95, Artillery, Artillery and Shooting, Arc of Fire, first para shows this as…[Read more]

  • I’d say you’re playing it correctly.

    Fixed weapons make no distinction for indirect fire, nor does indirect fire include an exception to the fixed rule.

    Fixed weapons firing outside your arc requires that you rotate using an Advance order, normally with a -1 ‘to hit’ – indirect ignores modifiers, so that doesn’t affect an indirect shot once…[Read more]

  • @ Charles – The rule doesn’t specify when they dismount, just as a part of an Advance.  As they are a unit with a special rule, not a transport with passengers, I’d rule out getting 2 moves (1 before and one after the dismount).  As Bolt Action doesn’t do proportional movement (doing a portion of movement before the dismount at bike rate and the r…[Read more]

  • “The rules allows for motorcycle units to take a motorcycle with side . So when a motorcycle section/squad has a motorcycle with side car in it, so is it then treated as like motorcycle/sidecar operating by itself and uses the soft vehicles rules and needs a 6 to damage it.”

    No.  If it’s an infantry unit with the motorcycle rule it stays an…[Read more]

  • First point – don’t confuse infantry units with the motorcycle rule (ie: German Kradshutzen, AoG p22) and vehicle units which happen to be motorbikes/combinations (ie: German Motorcycle with Machine-gun Sidecar, AoG p71).

    Infantry with the motorcycle move like wheeled vehicles except they can make as many turns as you like.  They still take…[Read more]

  • Not sure how you are getting this.

    Top secret there are no units set up on the table – all units start in reserve. (last paragraph of set-up, MRB, p138)

  • Set-up heading, second sentence of the paragraph for second wave “It is kept in reserve and may enter from Turn 3 from any table edge.”

    Similarly in the para for third wave “It is kept in reserve and may enter from Turn 4 from any table edge.”

    In this scenario, ‘First wave’ is your on table deployment.  There is no true ‘first wave’ by normal…[Read more]

  • Can you give an example?  I haven’t read all the way through all the scenarios in the campaign books to have those particular ones come to mind.


  • First wave come on in the first turn and don’t need to roll.  Reserves come in from the second turn (except Top Secret) and do need to roll.  Ouflankers are a sub-set of reserves, can come in from third turn and do need to roll.

    That’s speaking generally – variations will be in scenario special rules (ie: Top Secret which treats turn 1 as if it w…[Read more]

  • The only mention I could find was in the new unit entry, Selectors row:

    “- The SAS Armoured Jeep is an Armoured Car for the purposes of the generic Reinforced Platoon selector from the Bolt Action
    rulebook and for all selectors featuring SAS infantry units”  If the selector you’re using has SAS infantry units, it’s covered by the text of the…[Read more]

  • Stuart Harrison replied to the topic Cavalry Lances in the forum Bolt Action 4 weeks ago

    First edition – cavalry got 3 attacks without lances, lances gave an additional attack per man meaning 4 attacks.  This was cut back in second edition – 3 attacks replaced with tough fighter, lances still give an additional attack.

    Always worth looking at the date on videos – still a lot out their from earlier editions, before an errata change etc.

  • OK, looking at that webstore entry, he’s overlooking a number of things.

    1.  The entry refers you to the Last Levy selector on p95 of AoG – that’s it’s page in AoG first edition, second edition it’s on p102-103.

    2.  It has a line ‘Official Update 29 Jan 2017′.  Campaign: Road to Berlin was released 21 November 2017 and is an official Bolt Ac…[Read more]

  • Which part of my veracity is he doubting?  The part where I quote the page number in Campaign: Road to Berlin for the Maus unit entry, the costs from that page and the selectors that entry tells you it can be taken in?  The special rules I cut and paste from Easy Army German generic reinforced platoon Maus entry after cross referencing with that u…[Read more]

  • Ask your opponent to show you the entry supporting the easy army Last Levy Maus.

    I think I’ve found what it’s based on, but if it’s this one it’s not only unofficial – it’s for K47!

  • The Maus is in Campaign: Road to Berlin, p112.

    costs are 464/580/696

    The only selectors it’s available in are the Generic Reinforced Platoon, and the Last Levy selector (the Gotterdamerung rule and the Last Levy fuel shortage rule are the same, you only roll once not both if using it in that selector).

    Special rules cut and paste from Easy…[Read more]

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