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    martyn simpson

    Surrounded and Man Hunt scenarios seem similar in their use of the ‘Confused fight’ allowing reserves to enter from all directions. However the Attackers first wave in Man Hunt must enter from their sides table edge. In ‘Surrounded’ there is no such stipulation, so can they enter from any table edge?




    IIRC – yes, thats the whole point of surrounded… the enemy can (and do) come from any direction!

    Stuart Harrison

    Confused fight only applies to units moving on from reserve.  First Wave units are not in reserve, they are a separate category and exempt from rules that specify reserves (such as the order test at -1).  The scenario still requires picking of a side, a step which has no function if the first wave are not tied to a particular side.  You’d have to ask the author whether he left out the sentence you see in Manhunt, or whether he left out something different, but I’d go with the default – first wave comes in from the player’s table edge unless stated otherwise.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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