• Well the way platoons are going to be constructed is changing (how we dont know yet)

    Plus all the V3 armies of… Books will be bringing in most units from the campaign books – some units will be left to specific campaigns only…h


    This was confirmed in the announcement articles 

  • Welp can tell I don’t look at this forum much…



    Short answer is green roll is made when casualties are taken


    This is AFTER wound rolls

    BEFORE models are removed, which is before moral check (if applicable)


    So the are hit at inexperienced, wounded on inexperienced but MIGHT check at regular

  • Are you near Chelmsford?

    But for flags…. well you need to know what regiment you are painting as the facings of the uniform changes depending on the regiment…
    however there are a couple of sites that do flags for you…google GMB designs

    I need to finish off my french and put their flags on!

    As to why they arent included – well because…[Read more]

  • @hazed100 – anywhere near Chelmsford?

  • Nat replied to the topic Please Explain "Prussian Square" in the forum Black Powder 1 month ago

    So… are you playing Core Rules or Clash of Eagles Expanded rules?  Or the revised Waterloo epic (which is somewhere in the middle… but I dont have a copy so cant comment further on that)

    Now irrespective of that…

    If charged in the front when your flanks arent secured by either a unit in square, building or table edge if your unit has…[Read more]

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    supposedly a WL anoucement should happen on Wednesday – as they werent expecting the Osprey link to be put up this early…. so a few questions were asked at salute and got given the answer of wednesday… so fingres crossed.

    my guess is that it was going to be June that it was announced, which would work for their (both WL and Ospreys) normal 3…[Read more]

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    My take – [HOWEVER dont forget that this is why campaign units should only be used in campaign scenarios… apart from that see how your opponent wants it played BEFORE you start playing the game.]

    So, recrew the gun – you remove models from the unit and use them to resurrect the casualties from the gun crew…

    So you have now lost the officer…[Read more]

  • Is it a heavy weapon – yes
    Does the base Pen change – NO! (The only thing that I’m aware of in the whole game that changes a base pen value is a german MG rule in one of the DDay selectors)
    Does the weapon have additional modifiers that apply to the Damage calculation- yes

    It even says – Regardless of if the hit can damage it!

    So the HMG is…[Read more]

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    WL *may do*, we just dont know until they either show them on an open day (Aug/Sept sort of time) or they appear in the news letter.  However a number of people use AIM (aircraft in miniture, or any other 1:200 scale)

    Discord – the unofficial WL server:
    https :// discord. gg/ bkFGAyE9

    <remove spaces for it to work>

    the BRS channel isnt that active

  • Nat replied to the topic Korean war aircraft in the forum Blood Red Skies 2 months, 1 week ago

    Theres a number of extra aircraft in Wing Commander! book also if you head over the the Ready Room Facebook group… a couple of the beta testers hang out there (as does the author!) so if theres not already any stats they can gen up some semi-offical ones for you (they are the same guys who did the aircraft charts in Wing Commander.)

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    its a trait card, I think its called interlocking fire

  • Nat replied to the topic Midway Scenario Table in the forum Combined Arms 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Its just a D6 to pick which scenario to play

    However you’d need the scenario as well as they include the table setup and deployments.

    If you have the original BoB box then you can just use the scenario table in that… I think that the Airstrike book may have a version as well – but in work so cant check for you.

  • pg 55, if you conduct traversing fire you cant then conduct closing fire (points 2 & 3)

    So yes its once per player turn (or twice per round / game turn)

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    All the national, unit and theater rules in campaign books have ALWAYS been TO/Opponents permission only… people just dont play it that way.

    Tiger Fear is still a mess and should be binned… personally I’d change it to a reserve rolls modifier for western allies vehicles only

    Tank riders – TBH its a free rule, and gamers are finding…[Read more]

  • Nat replied to the topic Banzai from transport in the forum Bolt Action 3 months ago

    It goes against the written rule to allow Banzai to assault…. irrespective of the WHY, the rule is clear, NO assaults from a transport.  There has to be an EXPLICT rule saying this rule allows these models to assault from a transport to  over ride the rulebook and allow it….

    Section – Dismounting from a transport (sorry only have a ebook to p…[Read more]

  • Nat replied to the topic Rules Questions in the forum Bolt Action 3 months, 1 week ago

    Small arms NEVER get damage modifiers against armour (DV7+ vehicles)

    Only heavy weapons (ie those with a PEN value of at least +1) get to use those modifiers.

  • Nat replied to the topic Hungarian Panzer 38t in the forum Bolt Action 3 months, 1 week ago

    FAQ pg 30
    New Units
    These books occasionally introduce new units without the accompanying text explaining in which selectors they can be used.
    As a general guidance in these cases, unless the rules in the unit’s entry say otherwise, new units in these books are limited to use for scenarios and selectors from that book only. Unless of c…[Read more]

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    My guess is that it was a typo (theres enough in the stats….dont even get me started on the points!) and rather than admit that as thats quite a large can of worms (as said theres a number of them) just like the Bismark cost…. they went with whats printed and tried to justify it.

    One of the historical contributors is on the FB group ‘the…[Read more]

  • Nat replied to the topic Heavy Cruiser Zara in the forum Victory At Sea 3 months, 1 week ago

    In Mongoose v1 it had 4+
    in the v2 beta it had 4+

    In the published book is has 2+

    The FAQ doesnt say it was garbage just says ‘we were right in the printed version’…. its more that WL do come down on the side of Rules as Written in their FAQ answers rather than put errata entries in.  (ok they have when they swapped the two cruiser costs…[Read more]

  • hopefully soon!

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