• Kamikaze planes – 35 points for an inexperienced pilot with 1 bomb

    would I be right in thinking that I need to fly over the target then hope that the defender doesnt get a single 6 (as 1 forces a disengage) … after that I’ll need to get a 4 or less to actually HIT!

    (<5 starting point, +2 point blank, -2 inexp crew, -2 shooting vessal at full…[Read more]

  • 1st off sorry if these questions have been asked before, So I have my copy of the rulebook (with a Kiesmarine officer on the bottom right front corner) and my Japanese starter fleet is on order….

    However – the starter box comes with 6 suicide boats but the rule book says you should only take 1 unit of 3!  whats the point in having 6?

    Then the…[Read more]