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    If you would like to get added to the list, please add your forum name and location. This way players can PM each other and arrange pick up games or events, The more that participate the more likely it will grow. If you would rather add your store or local gaming hang out, please include the facilities name, address, contact info if available and times your group meet for games. Thank you.

    Tom H.

    For those players in or around Aberdeen, if you fancy a game then drop me a message, we play on Saturday evenings and often midweek too.

    Andy Worsley

    There is a group of us (5/6) who play at the Element Games Centre, Stockport on Weds from late afternoon. Drop in for a chat and we can add you to our own mail list.

    Andrew Parker

    Andrew Parker – Reading, UK.

    There are a few of us playing Bolt Action in central Reading every Thursday night.

    Greg S

    There a few of us who play Bolt Action at Kettering Games Club, Thursday Nights, St Peters Church Hall Kettering, Northants.



    Rich from Yeovil Somerset,sadly no opposition to play against but am plugging away at building several different forces.
    Hopefully there might be fellow players out there that reading this. Oh and am also building a Pacific board.

    James Holloway

    Hi all.

    James from Salisbury Wiltshire.
    Currently just me and a mate playing bolt action at our homes. Looking for other players in the area. If your from around the way and fancy a game give us a shout!

    Alan Evans


    Alan, Newcastle. Just me and a couple of mates looking to extend our playing circle.

    Martin McGowan

    I don’t have a table at home.

    However, I can travel to Greenock, Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh.


    Hi Rich,

    I am involved with a group of 10-15 players in Yeovil. Some of us play at yeovil games club on Sundays and we have other nights in Various homes. We are always looking for more players 🙂



    Hi, I’m looking for players in the Southampton/Hampshire area. I have a table set up at my flat and need a fellow good sports to have a game with. Forum name is chickenripper. Thanks

    Stuart McGovern

    Hi Guys,

    I’m From Nottingham, looking to play more BA games, there are not many “clubs” in Nottingham you would think there were being the the Lead / plastic capital,

    If anyone would be interested in a game between 750 – 1250pts let me know, i mainly play Americans,

    dion payne

    from newzealand so if anyone one from there but aslo keen to chat with others re rules and model and gaming advice


    Hi vince,
    At last some opponents, have sent you a pm chap.


    Hi Everyone,

    I have a small IJA force and live in Stoke-on-Trent. I don’t know if anyone is out this way but if you are and fancy a game let me know

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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