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    Huge long short here but any Bolt Action players in Tipperary, Ireland interested in meeting up for a game? I’m a very new player with a 1000pt German Army so would be looking for a introduction game and then maybe a game every other week or so.

    I also have AOS and would be interested in that as well.

    Would need to be 18+ and I can possibly arrange a neutral venue at first for obvious reasons.



    Hello, Justin in Preston, UK

    Anyone playing around Preston?

    Tim Haslam

    Hi Justin!

    Jacob Prince

    Jacob here, Small town of Chorley just outside of Preston, not started the hobby yet but looking into it. Would like to ask some questions from any local players first.

    Best wishes.

    Tim Haslam

    No problem Jacob,

    justin from the above post is another old bugger like me!

    he’s based in Preston and I’m in north Manchester.

    so you’re kind of in the middle!

    im not sure if I’m allowed to post my email on here?

    but feel free to contact me if it does work,



    Simon Doyle

    Hello all – not sure how succesful this may be given the current Covid situation but…. – I am based in North Hertfordshire and if there are any other local-ish WW2 Ardennes/Normandy nuts it would be good to make some connections.




    Hi folks, I’m in Manchester and really new to bolt action. I’m keen to see it played so any groups running (post Covid) I’d be happy to come and watch. I’ll bring biscuits if it helps!

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    Moving from York to Wakefield in the spring… any active players in and around Wakey?


    Aaron tomkins

    Hi my name is Aaron I’m based near Gatwick looking for a local club or group to get involved with currently working on a 1250 pets of soviet

    Brian Aderson


    ive had a BA army for ages but never had the chance to play. I live in the Mansfield area so not too far from Nottingham. There’s a local store called Sanctuary that has gaming tables and of course there’s the Warlord store (I haven’t visited yet). Would you be interested in a possible game?


    Hi, looking to start playing Bolt Action and need a mentor – player/s in the Ipswich Suffolk area. Have several armies ready to go thanks to lock down…. my user name is BangaloreBill  I have DAK, SS, US, Winter SS, Airbourne, IJA, British… too much for it to be sitting in boxes…..

    Donald Linn

    Hi Martin

    I’m the club secretary for Greeenock and District Wargames Club. We meet on Sunday afternoons, and play a lot of Bolt Action. We did a Pacific game yesterday at Carronade.

    The club forum is:




    David Cohen

    I’m Dave, brand new to bolt action & busy painting up my starter army.  Looking for players in the Worksop/North Notts area.

    Brian Aderson

    Hi there,

    ive been collecting BA for a while but haven’t played yet. I’m in Church Warsop and have my own table of sorts.

    let me know if you fancy learning by doing?


    Dan Carter

    Hey all I’m Dan, I live in Peterborough. Looking if there’s anyone in Peterborough area. I have Soviets and starting a new build of canadian

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 51 total)
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