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    This may be covered in a topic before, but since I can’t get the forum system to search for it, I’m asking about the War Dogs.  Specifically, if you choose to have 2 or more teams, do they have to stay within 1 inch of each other, or can they spread out over the table?  Also, with the extra selection attribute, does that mean you can get a War Dog team on any army list if you have a Marine squad, not just Empires in Flames scenarios?

    Stuart Harrison

    It’s a unit of 1 dog handler with an option to add up to 3 more handlers to that unit, so they would all have to remain in formation.  It doesn’t have a multiple selection special rule allowing you to field a number of units in a single slot (eg: US MMG team, Soviet AT teams, Japanese Suicide AT).

    The extra selection provision under selectors is purely to create a slot for this unit rather than have it take an existing slot.  ‘Any reinforced platoon’ would include the generic reinforced platoon so long as you include the necessary Marine unit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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