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    Master Chief

    @Greg Dryanski
    Can a unit with recon that has not yet moved use an evade move in response to a unit using a Sudden Charge (less than 6″ charge distance)?

    The latest FAQ says the recce vehicle cannot make an escape move if the assault originated from less than 6 inches.

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    Hi Gentleman,

    when I have a medium mortar with a spotter, far away from each other, and the spotter get 3 pins in a turn. Can I activate the mortar next turn without moral probe? The mortar can see the target without the spotter, but I have 3 pin on the spotter which is the same unit but separated from the mortar.

    Also when I need to hold a point to win a scenario, and the scenario description says: infantry or artillery unit must be in 3″. The spotter of the mortar count as an artillery unit itself? Can I hold one point with the spotter, and an other one with the mortar?

    In my last game I let my opponent to do both, holding the point with a spotter, and not making morale check for the mortar, but for me it just does not feel right.

    Stuart Harrison

    Remember the mortar and it’s spotter are “…treated entirely separately in other respects – as if they were two units. Unless specifically covered, you deal with questions as if you’re looking at two units.

    “Can I activate the mortar next turn without moral probe?”

    Yes. The mortar is the active unit executing a fire order, regardless whether you use the spotter’s LOS or not, so any order test is based on the firing unit. Pins on the spotter are irrelevant unless you want to give the spotter an order (ie: to move him). Some people confuse this with the observer mechanics from the HQ units where you give the observer an order and he calls in an off board asset – this is not the case.

    “Can I hold one point with the spotter, and an other one with the mortar?”

    The spotter doesn’t have any rules preventing him contesting objectives (unlike medics, for example, with the Geneva Convention rule). As above, they are treated as separate units, so there is nothing preventing each holding an objective unless you house rule otherwise.


    Panic and off board movement

    We played a game yesterday where a PZ IV came on board on a road and was about 14″ in from his board edge. During the battle the PZ IV suffered a pin. When attempting to make his order test, he unfortunately FUBAR’ed and then rolled a ” 6 ” causing the panic effect. The subsequent run order from a visible enemy ( British Cromwell at 22″ range directly in front ) would have forced his tank off of the board.

    I understand the rules do not allow a voluntary exit of the board but is it possible to be forced off the board involuntarily? How should this be played?

    Many thanks in advance for any and all help.

    Stuart Harrison

    My best suggestion would be apply the first edition FAQ response.

    No relevant rules have changed so there is no reason to assume a different interpretation until an official response/change is received:

    “If a unit rolls a Panic result on the FUBAR chart and is really close to the edge, does it move off the table?

    No, units cannot move out of the gaming area unless the scenario includes rules on how to do so. So, a unit that rolls a Panic result will flee along the table edge trying to get as far as possible from the closest visible enemy unit.”

    Nicholas Ellis

    Page 101 of the rulebook, if a vehicle rolls a Fubar result and then a panic on the Fubar chart, it simply counts as having failed it’s order- it makes a reverse move and goes down.
    The reverse move is also half the standard advance rate so in the Panzer’s case about 4.5 inches so it would not go off the board. Hope this helps


    I’m a french player
    A point of the rules is not clear for us and we are not sure at all about the answer :

    The foward deployement for sniper, foward observers, special units (scouts, tank hunter…)
    On several scénarios you can read : “No units are set up on the table at the start of the game”
    It seems to be clear
    But page 151 there is a special paragraph :
    Unless players wish to agree otherwise, spotters, forward air observers, forward artillery observers, and
    snipers can be set up anywhere within the player’s own half of the table at the start of the game, so long as
    they are more than 12” from any enemy unit that is already deployed including enemy spotters, observers
    and snipers.”
    So what is the final rule.
    Can I play for exemple my observers on the table at the start of the 2d scenario?
    If it’s possible, it would be better to write :
    “No units are set up on the table at the start of the game EXCEPT units with foward deployement”
    Thank for your official answer ; I will build my armies for Nottingham according to it

    Stuart Harrison

    If the scenario has a first wave, you can set up forward deploying units (as per their own set up rules) in that scenario. The only time you can’t is when they are required to enter from reserve (ie: Top Secret, where there is no deployment on table AND no first wave). It would be good if this was clarified in the scenario set up statement, though.

    Pawel Gos

    Hi there

    Can someone explain to me what the arc of fire of the french Laffly W15 TCC is? The rules are stated that it has a rear-facing medium AT on an open platform. Does it only have a 45 degrees angle? Thought on the model you can clearly rotate the gun, so per the platform rule, it has a 360 degrees arc?

    Thx in advance


    Rules state its a 45 90 deg arc (rear arc only)

    The entry doesnt have the platform rule, and a quick look at the actual truck /gun shows that 45degs is a pretty generous arc. The crew would be falling off the back of the truck trying to work the gun.

    EDIT – ooops put 45deg rear arc! as pointed out by Stuart below its 90deg in this game!

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    Stuart Harrison

    Rear facing = can fire anywhere in the 90 degree rear arc, same as a forward facing gun can fire anywhere in the 90 degree front arc (in most cases generous as they’re lucky to have 5-15 degrees of traverse).

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