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    Does the USA bonus to ignore the -1 also count when you come from outflank or only from regular reserves?
    Ran into this recently and RAW it seems you do.


    My play group have long debated the usefulness on MG’s in the game vs their cost. We thought they were over priced and underpowered. Who would want to take them?
    So here is our solution. Point costs remain the same. Please read on, any feedback would be appreciated.


    LMG’s may fire at a different target from the rest of their unit. They may fire on a run order, with the movement penalty, and then join their unit in its move. Loader and LMG will not participate in the first round of a Close Assault if they fired. Does not apply to vehicle MG’s.

    MMG and HMG may split their fire between 2 different targets. Increase the ROF by 1 and divide the shots as evenly as possible between those targets. Does not apply to vehicle MG’s

    Our thought was that more pins may happen, not necessarily kills.


    Short answer: Yes.

    The main rulebook states:
    “An order test with a –1 penalty will be required as already described.”
    The use of the phrase “as already described” explicitly implies that it is the same penalty suffered by reserve units entering from the controlling player’s edge, and that it is not an additional penalty.

    Additionally, the relevant Army Special Rules entry in the AotUS book (modern communication) does not differentiate outflanking from other reserve “types”.


    My group has tossed around a few ideas about how to make MMGs and LMGs more valuable as a tactical asset. This is the rule we came up with:


    When shooting using a FIRE or AMBUSH order, man packed MMGs and LMGs (i.e. non-vehicle mounted) may opt to use Suppressing Fire. When using Suppressing Fire, ignore DOWN and cover modifiers to hit. However, the base to hit is 4+. The first successful hit puts a pin on the unit and every two hits after add an additional pin as well. No roll to damage is made.

    We liked this rule because it gives machine guns a tactical use, applying several pins at once. And its not an automatic thing but is a choice the player has to make. So LMGs will have the chance to cause 2 pins, and MMGs can potentially cause 3 pins. Germans will benefit from this because the additional dice they get from Hitler’s Buzzsaw means they have a better chance for getting the hits needed to cause another pin. LMGs for them actually have the chance to cause 3 pins.

    The base to hit being 4+ is reflected in the fact that suppressing fire is not intentional, accurate aimed fire but bursts of fire to pin the enemy down. This is also why no roll to cause damage is made either.

    Stuart Harrison

    I agree with David P – As it’s written, outflanking is simply a sub-heading of reserves. Unless specifically stated otherwise, anything applicable to reserves also applies to outflanking reserves.

    Not only does appearing as a subheading of the reserves heading support tis, it’s written in the first sentence of outflanking maneuvers:

    “A player can send any of his reserves on an outflanking maneouvre either to his left or right.”


    If MMG and LMG teams (not vehicle mounted) caused 1 pin per wound instead of one per attack, to represent their fear factor, then they would be more viable with minimal rule change …

    Robert Piper


    Only been playing for a couple of weeks and am a bit unsure of weapon ranges for the American weapons, this is what I think is right:
    BAR: range 30 shots 2 assault
    Garand Rifle: range 24 shots 1 (may use advance action no penalty to shooting)
    Carbine Rifle: range 18 shots 2 (may use advance action no penalty to shooting)

    Really appreciate your help on this.



    The carbines are treated exactly the same as the garands. They are all just referred to as rifles. Other than that you are correct.


    Question came up during game over weekend.
    Can LMG’s/SMG’s mounted on kradschutzen side cars fire whilst moving or stationary?

    If so where can I find it in the rules


    Gerry Brawley

    They have to be staionary to fire any weapons. ( RB page 90 ).


    Cheers Gerry


    Firing fixed weapons outwith their arc of fire can be done with a minus 1 modifier in the new version of the rules. But does tgis apply to indirect fire weapons such as mortars and HE? My opponent believes it does but I’m sure it doesn’t as you need a fire order to shoot indirect and HE whereas turning an mmg/hmg etc would use the advance order to pivot it (so in my reckoning this exempts mortars from firing as they can only do this with a fire order) and thus results the -1 penalty. Can anyone clarify? Thanks in advance.


    But the BAR also get the national Bonus, or am I wrong?

    Gerry Brawley

    Rifles and Bar’s get the Fire an Manouever rule.

    Gerry Brawley

    You can turn the Mortar on the spot ( using and advance order )but it resets the ranging in process so goes back to a 6 to hit ( never gets worse than a 6 ) Rulebook page 67.

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