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    Mark Prichard

    What is the appropriate timing of a tank (or non-open top vehicle) going open top to fire a pintle mount weapon and a unit waiting in ambush?  The question is coming up in the context of a tank moving up in front of a machine gun that cannot penetrate the vehicle. If the vehicle goes open topped, the machine gun would be able to put a pin on the vehicle if the ambush is flipped to fire.  So does the tank wait until after its move and see if the machine gun flips the ambush before going open topped, or does the vehicle have to make that decision before thus allowing the machine gun an opportunity to fire and cause a pin.

    Stuart Harrison

    I take it you’re talking about ambushing a tank on an Advance order? The tank is not open topped until after it has fired the pintle mounted weapon. That means after the shooting part of an Advance order. You can only ambush movement (unless attempting to fire normally at the end of the turn), so your opportunity to activate your ambush has already passed before he becomes open topped.

    L.T. Russell

    Howdy Mark!  Yeah, I thought you, Jaysen and Seth worked that one out pretty logically….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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