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    Potentially controversial question – those of a gentle disposition please look away now.

    I believe that with the FAQ on Tiger Fear that the knock on effect is that a Japanese unit can Banzai into close combat from inside a transit. Whilst the main rulebook states an assault cannot happen from a transport, the Banzai rule is where a unit ordered to run towards the closest visible enemy unit.  So, as the FAQ on Tiger Fear states units are visible from units within a vehicle. Then clearly the Banzai unit can run – and contact – an enemy unit as the move is not an “assault” but a Banzai run (semantics I know).

    I’m actually to happy to accept either outcome because whilst rules as written it cannot be done, the national rule coupled with the FAQ seems to supersede the main rulebook.


    Stuart Harrison

    Not having LOS as a rationale for not being able to charge from a transport is a player interpretation, not a stated part of the rule.  While the one off allowance for Tiger fear undermines the player’s mental justification for a number of rules, it doesn’t actually change any of them except Tiger Fear.



    Further to  Stuarts comment… It goes against the written rule to allow Banzai to assault…. irrespective of the WHY, the rule is clear, NO assaults from a transport.  There has to be an EXPLICT rule saying this rule allows these models to assault from a transport to  over ride the rulebook and allow it….

    Section – Dismounting from a transport (sorry only have a ebook to pdf version so no page number)
    [quote]it is not allowed to use this move to make an assault upon an enemy in the same turn, [/quote]

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    The visibility from transport has just been changed in the Feb 2024 FAQ. Previously you could see out based on Sept 2022 FAq.This is now a moot point. However, just want to say there are cases where national rules or a character isticoverwrite core rules. For example Fanatic meaning a unit doesn’t test morale when losing half of its models.

    as mentioned it was a rather speculative question but now moot.

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