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    The visibility from transport has just been changed in the Feb 2024 FAQ. Previously you could see out based on Sept 2022 FAq.This is now a moot point. However, just want to say there are cases where national rules or a character isticoverwrite core rules. For example Fanatic meaning a unit doesn’t test morale when losing half of its models.

    as m…[Read more]

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    Potentially controversial question – those of a gentle disposition please look away now.

    I believe that with the FAQ on Tiger Fear that the knock on effect is that a Japanese unit can Banzai into close combat from inside a transit. Whilst the main rulebook states an assault cannot happen from a transport, the Banzai rule is where a unit ordered…[Read more]

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    I think the rule states “facing direction of travel” so the Bren Carrier will turn 180 and then finish the move facing the direction of the move. I find this rule so badly written and confusing. A tracked vehicle that can spin 180 degrees on a run but only 90 on an advance.

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    Anyone in North Wales near Yr Wyddgrug a.k.a. Mold – there is an active club Deeside Defenders ( We meet every Thursday and usually at least one game of Bolt Action happening.


  • Given the widespread use of the Universal (Bren) carrier by the British, is it unreasonable to allow the IJA to use this?  I’ve seen evidence that they captured Carriers in the far East but not yet found much to suggest they were used. If so, suggestions on point value? I appreciate spares and repairs would not have been easy…

  • As a Japanese player, can I please point out, they are VERY hard to win with. The options available are very limited, no heavy armour, no decent affordable AT etc…

    Infantry are the way to go with Japs, and personally I tend to pick less but Vets, harder to kill from range and also H-T-H.

    I’ve changed my style dramatically with them over the…[Read more]

  • Hi, I have a variation on this question that I hope someone can help with. Suicide AT charges at a Recce vehicle. The recce makes its escape move out of range. As such, what happens to the Suicide AT? Does it make a “regroup” move, or is it lost? At the moment, I am assuming lost (i.e. pulled the fuse on the charge and failing to make contact it…[Read more]

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