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    At our local shop, the question keeps coming up of exactly how the turn on the spot rule works for universal carriers. The rule reads: “<b>Turn on the spot: </b>Can execute a full speed run rate ‘reverse’ finishing the move facing in direction of travel.” The questions are generally wondering if this can this only be used when executing a recce move, or can the carrier make an extra turn during an advance move where the carrier goes 9″ past a target and then turns 180 and fires its anti-tank rifle if so armed into the rear of a vehicle? Does the rule gives the carrier a single turn up to 180 degrees, or can it divide that into 2 90 degree turns? We’re assuming it’s not unlimited turns up to 180 degrees as that’s part of the motorcycle rule.



    When conducting a Reverse move – that is moving backwards – you can normaly only move at half distance for the vehicle and have zero turns.

    Turn on the spot means that you can move the full speed ofthe vehicle BACKWARDS in a straight line then do a single 180deg pivot at the end…. thats it


    I think the rule states “facing direction of travel” so the Bren Carrier will turn 180 and then finish the move facing the direction of the move. I find this rule so badly written and confusing. A tracked vehicle that can spin 180 degrees on a run but only 90 on an advance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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