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    Hi all,

    Relatively new to the game here, but enjoying it very much so far 🙂
    In our last game we stumbled upon a situation where we weren’t exactly sure on the exact rules, so posting it here in search of some answers.


    A suicide anti-tank team (lunge mine) with one pin marker has LOS on an opponents tank and wants to assault the enemy vehicle.
    There is at least 1 other enemy unit closer (and in LOS) than the enemy vehicle, so that nullified the Banzai charge rule.

    Leaving us with the question:
    Being Tank Hunters (p91) the suicide anti-tank disregards order test for assaulting vehicles as mentioned by Tank Fear (p112).
    Does this skip the order test completely? Or does the unit still have to make it’s order test prior to the action because they do have one pin marker on them.

    Thanks in advance for the clarification 😉


    Stuart Harrison

    Still has the order test – Tank Fear is an additional trigger for the normal order test, it doesn’t replace it.  If one trigger applies (or another one, ie: shirkers) you have to take the test, just without the tank fear modifier in this case.


    Thanks for the clarification @Stuart!


    Hi, I have a variation on this question that I hope someone can help with. Suicide AT charges at a Recce vehicle. The recce makes its escape move out of range. As such, what happens to the Suicide AT? Does it make a “regroup” move, or is it lost? At the moment, I am assuming lost (i.e. pulled the fuse on the charge and failing to make contact it detonated….).

    Stuart Harrison

    It would just follow the rules for a failed charge – it runs towards the Recce vehicle as far as it can get.  Nothing else happens with it, it’s kamikaze explosion only happens if it makes it into contact with the target vehicle, and you only get to consolidate from a close quarters combat you won, not from a failed charge.

    In effect, the recce move has just baited him out into the open.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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