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    Given the widespread use of the Universal (Bren) carrier by the British, is it unreasonable to allow the IJA to use this?  I’ve seen evidence that they captured Carriers in the far East but not yet found much to suggest they were used. If so, suggestions on point value? I appreciate spares and repairs would not have been easy…

    Donald Linn

    I’ve seen a picture of one with the top plated over and a crude MG turret plonked on top- there is a photo on p63 of “Making Tracks”  by Chamberlain and Ellis.

    I don’t think that very many were captured, as the Divisions defeated in Malaya were quite underequipped


    <h3>Ostfront: Barbarossa to Berlin, page 91</h3>
    In terms of Bolt Action, a strict application of the rules for force selection does not normally allow you to field tanks and guns from other forces – however, you can use captured vehicles and equipment as long as you pay the right points for them and they are taken simply to replace an equivalent ‘slot’. For example, a Soviet platoon could include a ‘captured’ 88mm anti-tank gun with Soviet crewmen, as long as it would take the 0–1 artillery slot allowed for that platoon and the right points were paid.

    As a rule of thumb, we tend to apply one further limit when we allow forces to purchase enemy ‘captured’ vehicles and guns. We say that the unit can be purchased only as Inexperienced, or at best as Regular (if there are good records of a particular vehicle/gun being used in abundance by the enemy). This simulates the fact that the soldiers would be unfamiliar with the captured materiel, or if you prefer it can reflect the relative scarcity of its ammunition, spare parts etc., which would make its use and maintenance trickier. If you really want, and if you find an excellent historical reason for it, you can even allow the use of captured vehicles with a Veteran crew, but we feel they should then be penalised by adding the Unreliable rule to them (see below). This rule represents the same problems highlighted before, and ensures that only their rightful owners can make use of the vehicle or gun ‘at its best’, which seems just fair!

    – Unreliable: a captured vehicle’s or gun’s chronic lack of ammunition and spare parts means it often suffers from extreme operational unreliability – if the unit suffers one or more pin markers as a result of an enemy attack, it automatically suffers one further pin marker in addition.


    Stuart Harrison

    Similar guidelines in the FAQ:

    Can armies use captured vehicles? For example, the Russians used
    captured German vehicles and vice-versa

    “No, they cannot, at least by a strict application of the rules about forming reinforced platoons.
    However, we have used ‘captured vehicles’ (or indeed ‘allied vehicles’)
    in many friendly games, and it’s very good fun!
    It’s also helpful to reach a certain amount of points for a game
    if you have a very ‘varied’ collection! We normally rule that they
    should be taken as Inexperienced or at most as Regular, but
    certainly not as Veteran, as the crew would have less experience
    with their use…”

    Discuss it with your opponent/event organiser and see what they’re agreeable to.

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