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    @Cameron – hi there… you might want to have a look at the campaign book ‘Germany strikes’ it was (like a lot of them) written for v1 of Bolt Action but does contain a Danish army list…..


    Hello everyone,

    I am Steiner. I am the new kid in the block. I am still struggling with the rules and the many possibilities they offer. However, the more I play, the more I love this game.

    Please, be patient with me 🙂 because I will ask many questions.

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    Hello everyone,

    Nice community here.  I got into war gaming earlier this year as a way to occupy my time during quarantine.  Assembled a decent fantasy army over the summer.  My reading lately though has been all historical and so I decided to delve into Black Powder next.  I’ve started assembling a French army.  I love the look of the Napoleonic era, and it’s definitely a different sort of challenge from painting fantasy medieval.

    Hopefully next year I’ll get the chance to actually play some wargaming.  I’m in Kansas City and we’ve got a pretty lively tabletop community here, so I’m looking forward to interacting with people in the real world again someday.

    In the meantime, I’m enjoying reading through some of the discussions, rules clarifications, and seeing pictures of everyone’s work.

    Cne Boisfeuras


    I’ve been painting miniatures off and on for a few years, mainly fantasy, some historical and used to be a bit active on the old Warhammer Ancient Battles forum

    Quarantine (the 2nd round) has been an opportunity to dive back in and start some Bolt Action. Airborne troops have always been a favrouite and right now I’m diving into an Indochina project!




    Hi all, I’m Andy from Manchester. I’ve just got interested in the rules of bolt action, k47 and bolt action Korea. I’ve never played any (nor have any units – yet) but I’m really keen to see it in action at a local group (post Covid).

    please get in touch if you can help


    Hello all

    I am Peter from Australia.I have been wargaming since the early 1970’s. Started with historical gaming with airfix etc ,later moved onto Games workshop in almost all forms then back to historical with all the Warlord Games rules ceaser ,pike,blackpowder,bolt action,cruel sea and victory at sea. I am now eagerly awaiting epic ACW.

    Lewis Martin

    Hello. My name is Lewis. I live in Richmond, Va. I’ve completely burned out on GW and it’s products. Fortunately I get to play Battletech. And I have wanted to set into historical warming for awhile now. I have enjoyed Bolt Action and it’s now time to try Black Powder.

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    Duncan Wasdell

    Hello all. My name is Duncan Wasdell, a 51-year old living in south-east London. I’m currently building my first Bolt Action forces (Normandy 44 based) in isolation while shielding from Covid. So I am hugely looking forward to getting to play my first games when the chance to do returns…

    So please do feel free to get in touch…


    Ian Titler

    Hi Duncan, I’m Ian, 65 retired to Shropshire. I came to BA through 40K and Dust. I wanted a reasonably authentic game where you didn’t have to move to entire force each turn as in 40k. I went with British Paratroops, since expanded to British late war Army,  Desert War, SAS – desert European. The desert unit is as was, the European I expanded with a couple of WC51 “beeps” to carry more troops while the gun jeeps cleared resistance. I also have a small Fallschirmjager unit, based on Steiner’s unit in The Eagle has landed so if my opponent also played allied we wouldn’t have to play blue on blue.
    I’ve also played Sails Of Glory which fizzled out locally,, Cruel Seas, which I liked and I’m giving Black Powder a go, first with the French/Indian war then on to  Napoleonic.


    Hi, I’m Antonio, from Southern Spain. I’ve been hooked on miniatures for over 4 decades now, mostly 40K and WWII. But I’ll play basically any miniature wargame.

    I have an extensive collection of Bolt Action minis and am just getting into naval wargaming with Victory at Sea and Black Seas.


    Good Evening. My name is Pete. My residence is New York State. I have been a historical gamer since I was in high school forty plus (40+) years ago. There has not been a set of rules I have not bought or tried. Currently, I am new to the Victory at Sea rule set. Therefore, I am unsure of the game mechanics.



    Paintbrush and Pike

    Hello everyone!
    I’m Ben, and have been painting historical miniatures for years, but have only recently taken the plunge into putting my models on the internet and getting more involved in the community. I paint mostly Hail Caesar (6mm!) and Saga.

    I’ll try and post regular updates on the Hail Caesar forum here, but in the mean time many of my models can already be seen on my blog ( and Instagram (


    Look forward to getting to know everyone!


    Hi Peter, welcome.. if you pop your head in to the Victory as Sea forum ‘news from the wardroom’ thread I’ve uploaded some comunity done info sheets that should help with the rules.


    Hi All,

    Just getting into BA. Currently play 40K but getting a little frustrated with the power creep. Looking to start with some Germans and Soviets – be great to find some people around Yorkshire to play at some point in the future.


    Paul Sutcliffe

    Hi everyone!

    My name’s Paul and I’m based in West Yorkshire. I play Black Powder, Hail Caesar and Pike and Shotte in 15mm (ACW with the new epic range). I have plenty of stuff for Black Seas and I’ve found Test of Honour has been quite the hit with my daughter so that’s nice! I also play Saga, MeG, AoS and a few other systems as well.

    I also run wargaming clubs for schools I work in and I’ve found the warlord systems absolutely fantastic for playing with pupils and students.

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