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    Jeej thhe forum is back! Let the hallenges begin!

    I’m Jasper, Mobal for the older faces. From Belgium.

    I paint a lot, but not realy good. main intrest are classical, romans, romans, romans and celts, Samurai (pikke and shotte and test of honour, and fantasy (mainly lord of the ring) and Dinosaurs for my own game (in development).

    I have some blackpowder, pikke and shotte and bolt action models. And a lot of other ranges!

    Good to be back!

    Troy Hill

    My name is Troy,

    I’m a gamer.

    I’m also an indi-author. When I’m not listening to my imaginary friends from dark ages Wales tell me about their adventures, I’m usually editing the NoDicNoGlory blog. Or hanging out at one of my favorite game stores in the greater Los Angeles California area.

    I recently decided to upgrade my minis, game, and scale into the “big boy” 28mm range. So far, the first 500 pts of US WWII figures are almost painted. But those Celts and Saxons are starting to interest me as well.

    John Mathews

    Welcome everyone, I’m so glad to see the forum open back up. I see a few familiar faces from other forums that I’ve been a part of and I cannot wait to see more friends join us here in the following days. Make sure to spread the word far and wide the the officers mess is open for business and all are welcome.

    @Joshua Thomas Hart: my family and I vacationed up in Crystal two years ago. It’s a beautiful place, unfortunately we missed the peak of the cherry festival by a week. Still had more than our fill of tasty cherry goodness. Wife just ordered some cherry almond jelly last week in fact as we are addicted to it.

    Herbert Erpaderp

    Greetings! I’m Herbert Erpaderp. Some of you might know me from the videos I make on Youtube etc. I’m from Brisbane, Australia

    Figured I might drop by here after seeing the email saying the forum was back.

    I quite enjoy Bolt Action and I’m a big fan of the plastic kits. Especially tanks.
    So. Hi everyone!


    Hey Everyone!

    I’m Topher from the Midlands, UK.

    Bolt Action is my favourite tabletop Wargaming (of the many I have played over the years…) so I am loving the return of the classic forum!

    I try and frequent as many events as the Mrs allows so hopefully we will be able to meet across the table to roll dice at some point! 😃


    Hello all.

    My name is Ray, and I like to paint stuff. Currently I’m working my way through a nest of Desert Rats and their associated bits and bobs.

    Fun Fact: I haven’t, as yet, ever played a game of Bolt Action.

    The Eccentric Man

    Hi all, nice to be back on the forums. I’m Ken, otherwise known as The Eccentric Man, on YouTube. My channel does battle reports, unboxings and reviews. I also run the two tournaments at Shrapnel and November Pain in Stevenage in England.

    Scott Washburn

    Hi! Great to see the forum up again. I live in Philadelphia, PA, USA. I want to play Antares, but there are few people in my area who do so. I play Bolt Action from time to time.

    I am also a writer. I have written three short stories for the Antares anthologies as well as a bunch of SF&F novels on other topics.


    Renko – aka Ken.

    We have a fairly busy Facebook group for BRS The Blood Red Skies Ready Room over at

    Drop by – it’s a low flak area 🙂


    Hello, everyone, I’m Mehman – aka Jack (no relation to “the Ripper”). It’s funny: the new Shieldwall supplement got me into Hail Caesar. Then, as I looked at what Warlord has to offer, Pike & Shotte was discovered. After hearing about Konflikt ’47, that was next on the list to see and want. Might as well have a plan for a Bolt Action army, too, as those two games use basically the same models (although K47’s are more my style). So, when I went to order stuff this past Wednesday, I bought a bunch of Early Imperial Romans. This hobby never ceases to amaze.

    Anyway, I’m in deep now. Interesting how Vikings have that effect…

    Big Al

    Well, it is good to see the forum is back. Looking forward to see8ng how well it works this time around. I have to say that I am disappointed that so many of the old posts have been lost, but never mind.

    You all know me and I am back with the new forum.



    I’m from Portugal, work as a IT consultant and build models from several years, or decades 🙂 I got a Blood Red Skies set and currently I’m painting the models and waiting for the decals and, hopefully, for extra bases for other 1/200 planes I have.

    Douglas Webster

    Hello, World!

    I am BunkhouseBuster. You may have seen me posting on various other wargame related forums over the years. I am about to break into Bolt Action in a big way, but I am a veteran of Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, Warmachine & Hordes, and a few others that I may not remember in the years I have been playing.

    I hope these forums do well! I’m always looking for awesome places to share in the online discussion of miniature wargaming!

    Battle Brush Sigur

    Well, it is good to see the forum is back. Looking forward to see8ng how well it works this time around. I have to say that I am disappointed that so many of the old posts have been lost, but never mind.

    You all know me and I am back with the new forum.


    Looks very bare-bones in general at this point. Are there any of the old posts left at all?

    Tom H.

    Hi All,
    I’m Tom H. Hailing from the North East of Scotland. I keep buying, painting and then selling my armies but generally play US & German forces. I am part of Alba Studio, who primarily paint Warlord Games output for others.

    Currently I am trying to finish my wife’s British Paras and my own Aufklarungs for the trip to Arnhem with Chris Brown in September but my real job is currently getting in the way.

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