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    Eric Fontaine


    I am Eric, currently living in Missouri, I play a lot of games and enjoy building terrain and organizing and hosting local events. I enjoy, Bolt Action, K47, Test of Honour, and Blood Red Skies. I recently purchased my first starter for Gates of Antares and look forward to that and I have a copy of Doctor Who saved for a rainy day.

    Jan Rudolph

    Hi at all,

    I am Jan, from Coburg, Germany and love to play Beyond the Gates of Antares. Also playing Bolt Action but focusing very much at Antares.
    There is a monthly Antares event at Coburg hosted by me and there will follow some more events in whole Germany. Also working on the first Antares Podcast in German and a few other projects.
    Offtimes I love to build my very own terrain and other tabletop stuff as well.

    John Mathews

    Greetings everyone, my name is John I too am from Missouri. I don’t get to play much of anything anymore, but I enjoy building and painting. My focus this year is on Test of Honour and my samurai army.

    I have been tempted by Bolt Action though. Looking forward to many fruitful conversations.

    Andy Lilof

    I’m Andy I’m in Hampshire in the UK. Bolt Action is my main game of choice with a love of all aspects of the hobby, the research, the building, the painting, terrain…oh and the odd game. Huge interest in the Normandy campaign and the road to Germany.
    ..dabble with Napoleonics badly and tempted by Vikings, well..the series is so Damon good!
    Looking forward to seeing what wonders we all come up with.


    Hi All

    My name is RichC here at Warlord HQ, I look after the web and am always on the lookout for great article support from our fantastic community 🙂
    I love building scenery and have an illustrious background running retail shops, painting armies, dioramas etc in many scales and periods of war.
    I’m currently playing Blood Red Skies and developing a couple of other games such as Cruel Seas.
    I Look forward to seeing everyone’s topics and all your future articles!

    You can pass on your articles to me and my team at


    I am Morris from Berlin, Germany and have been playing Bolt Action for 2 years.
    In addition to playing and painting, I am a friend of the conversions of models.I will soon post a few pictures of my converted models in this forum. Otherwise, a few of my models can already be seen on my instgram account. morris_pas

    Best regards

    Justin Freeland

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Justin Freeland and I am from Southern Louisiana. I began Bolt Action over 5 months ago and have loved it ever since. I tend to ask a lot of questions, so I may be on here a lot! I look forward to seeing some beautiful armies and making friends.

    Have a good day,

    Justin Freeland

    Joshua Thomas Hart

    Hello, my name is Joshua and I have a problem. I have to date purchased nearly everything pushed out by the Clockwork Goblin / Warlord Games amalgamation. I think my wife my hurt me.

    Poor jokes aside, I enjoy Bolt Action and K47, though I am starting to take an interest in Hail Caesar as well. I am trying out Test of Honour, Blood Red Skies, and Gates of Antares, not sure if any of them will stick though.

    On a side note I have also been enjoying the Konflikting Opinions Blog and Podcast. If you haven’t gave it a listen I recommend it. I have been enjoying the Facebook group as well, hopefully the same atmosphere follows over to here.

    Otherwise I am located in the Great Lake state of Michigan in a small town named Crystal.

    Roy H Anderson

    Good day all. My name is Roy and I am from Fargo N.D. Long time wargamer and model builder. I play Bolt Action, Pike and Shot and Hail Caesar. I have multiple armies for each game. i have also been known to play some Konflict(sp) 47.


    Hello Everyone!

    My Name is Dreux, and I am from
    New Orleans. I dabble in Bolt Action, but my passion is Black Powder. I have been eyeing some Pike and Shot, as well as Hail Caesar of a late though. I must say, the simplicity of the systems are what really sell me for all of it, and it truly does make for a fun afternoon. My current home port so to speak is both a game store and a bar, which is kind of cool.

    Hope to chat with all of you in the near future, and if you are ever in the Big Easy, feel free to hit me up and we can have a few drinks over a skirmish and a pint!

    invisible officer

    Hi, the IO back again to a Warlord Forum. 😉

    I’m still professional historian for old and new history and classical archaeologist.

    Those that used the old Forum know that I have “a few” miniatures from “a few” eras. Antiques to SF. Land and sea.

    I helped writing some of the BA printed stuff. But more the historical Backgrounds, notthe game mechanics.

    Battle Brush Sigur

    Heyhey, Sigur here.
    Got a whole lot of WG figures (and a whooole lot others). I’m a painter, wargamer, and trying to be a decent person all around. :p

    Great to see the forums back up, looking forward to some good info and banter.


    Deadmanwade reporting for duty once again. Good to see a few familiar faces.

    I’m based in Japan (originally from the UK) and have far, far too many models and armies to count. I’m mainly interested in BA (NWE and Burma campaigns), BP Colonial era gaming (AZW and NWF), I have a small Sengokujidai army for Pike and Shotte and recently I’ve been working on Vikings, Saxons and Normans for the battles around 1066.

    Hoping to see the forum get back up to speed in the coming weeks.

    Charge The Guns

    Hussar! The forum is back. I missed the old forum so much that I almost joined TMP! :O)

    I’m from the Faithful City of Worcester in the UK. My favourite period is Pike and Shotte, and I am currently building out my Montrose and Covenanter armies for Auldearn. I’m also kicking-off Thirty Years War armies for the Lutzen campaign.


    I am Telamon (rtm. Małek). Poland. It’s damn longing for an old, transparent forum.

    … and i’m still waiting for renault UE.

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