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  • Hi Steven.  We try to stick with option 3 – based on what would seem reasonable for an order to group of battalions, for example.  2 just feels ‘gamey’ i.e. how would you give that order?  1 is at risk of players being a bit cheesey.  It is a bit imprecise I suppose, and the group needs to agree how they want to work it to avoid argument and kee…[Read more]

  • We usually play that you can’t target enemy troops with shooting unless next to the hedge, but that you can declare charges without needing to be next to them.

  • Hi Mark. Yes, I believe the ‘Bad War’ rule was meant to be used. I think that in the Covenanter’s list the rule is referred to as Bad War there.

  • Charge The Guns replied to the topic Imperial Roman in the forum Hail Caesar 3 months ago

    Well done for getting the whole Legion done 👍.

    I suggest you make the 1st cohort a ‘large’ unit as that will increase its stat line and it will be a suitably tougher unit compared to the other units in the legion.

    Good luck fighting those barbarians. 😀

  • Hi Tomasz,  I think for ECW or TYW dragoons the rules expect them to stay as skirmishers whether mounted or dismounted.  See the description on p 83 of the main rule book or p114 of the Epic P&S rule book.   The information on changing formation (main rule book p28) certainly suggests some units can move from battle line to skirmish and back ag…[Read more]

  • Hi Dennis – I’m not aware that Warlord have made any comment about Croats/Cossacks, yet.  I suspect they would be in resin if they do them as I’m not sure they would go the plastic route for a troop type they might not sell very many of.  Maybe they are waiting to see how many 30YW versions of the Epic stuff they sell first?  You may need to lo…[Read more]

  • I agree with Gary’s view  – all makes sense to me 🙂

  • I think that the different types of commanders were devised on the assumption that often commands were composed of primarily one troop type, and that some armies had less or more effective commanders for either foot or horse.  An example is the Ottomans where the infantry commander have a relatively poor 7 command, and the cavalry a better 8.  T…[Read more]

  • Hi John,

    Very sorry to hear you are having a struggle getting started.  I’ll take a pitch at trying to help with some suggestions.

    I think part of the issue is that the rules aren’t very prescriptive about how you form units, brigades and armies as they wanted to be a flexible as possible.  This is great for people with existing forces but of co…[Read more]

  • You’re very welcome, Mark.

    I’m glad you’ll be giving the rules another go – I definitely think they are worth it.  The overall system is straightforward, especially as you’re already up to speed with HC.  They are also very flexible and easy to tinker with.

  • Hi Mark

    If the musketeers are within 3” of the pike then they can provide support.  Being able to provide support does not depend in anyway on the order a unit has received.  Good luck 👍.

    Hi Dave,

    I think I’ve seen these before, but a good reminder and they are certainly a well thought through set of factors for using combined units. 👍

  • Hi Mark,

    Troops provide support based on their position relative to a combat.  The orders they have received that turn are irrelevant – you don’t need to be given an order to support to provide support.

    I wonder if perhaps the the section and Charging Units and Support Units (p62) is causing some confusion?  I can see that the first sentence of…[Read more]

  • Hi Mark,

    You’re right (see p62 of main rules).  The move of A’s musket blocks up to support the pike have to be a different order.

    When you come to work out the result of combat ‘supports’ have to be within 3”.  Note that supports don’t fight directly in the melee as they do in Hail Caesar, but instead give a modifier to the combat result.  So,…[Read more]

  • Hi Mark – great to hear that you are giving P&S a try 👍.

    Great question and this can be a bit confusing because the answer is “yes”, ie you can play either way.   Some prefer to fight the pike and shot units separately as different units, and some prefer to fight as a single, combined unit.  In our group it varies depending on the size of game.…[Read more]

  • Hi Tomasz – I think it makes sense that earthworks etc. have the same effect as a building if they encompass a unit rather than just being a wall.  Note that as well as proving the bonus buildings also mean you can’t claim Support from units as well.

  • Hi Alexander, I think 600, or 300 for cavalry, would work quite nicely for standard size units in larger battles.  It was common in this period to form battlefield units in standard sizes, normally having to amalgamate and split different regiments to achieve this.

    In the Epic P&S rule pool they point out that what your unit represents would…[Read more]

  • Hi AJ, I’ve got my copy of the Epic rule book now and had a chance to go through it. While the summary reference sheet at the end of the Epic book is differently formatted to the the original QRS, and some different types of info are reflected, the actual factors, even down to move distances, are the same. This means the original QRS is just as u…[Read more]

  • Hi AJ – I don’t think there is a separate QRS from Warlord yet.  I have not got my Epic P&S book yet either, to see if the regular P&S QRS has changed.  It has only just been released so might be a bit early for home brew versions 😀.

  • Hi Marco – we have quite a lot of 15mm armies for the period left over from the days of DBM etc. These are all based on 40mm frontage elements.  For HC we tend to use three of these 40mm element bases to make up 1 HC standard sized unit.  Depth of unit to taste really.  With this system a large unit is 4 x 40mm bases wide, and a small unit 2 x 40…[Read more]

  • Hi Matt,

    For the cover issue, we play that troops in cover count as not clear. I think it’s an omission. If you don’t use this then troops in cover do still get an improved save. It comes down to how much benefit you think troops in cover should get.

    On ‘Home Home’ I think the whole battalia, as this seems in the spirit of the wording and is simpler.

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