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    steven novotny

    Our group has just started with the epic rules and are trying to establish the constraints for brigade orders. Some of the different views:

    1- As long as the units in the brigade start and end 6″ from each other and do the “same thing” all is good. By “same thing” we mean move->move->change formation, move->move->move, change formation -> move->move, etc.

    2- All units must do the exact the same thing.  e.g.  move exactly the same distance, which means a brigade starting with a linear front can’t end with a staggered front.

    3- Give more military-flavored orders while complying with the 6″ rule, e.g. advance to the road and form the brigade in a single line formation; OR  advance to the road and form the brigade in column (battalions in line).

    The last seems more fun but also relies on agreeable (and flexible) participants.

    What is everyone else doing? What have you found that works well and fits in the spirit of the game and period? Can you give examples of your brigade orders?

    Charge The Guns

    Hi Steven.  We try to stick with option 3 – based on what would seem reasonable for an order to group of battalions, for example.  2 just feels ‘gamey’ i.e. how would you give that order?  1 is at risk of players being a bit cheesey.  It is a bit imprecise I suppose, and the group needs to agree how they want to work it to avoid argument and keep the game moving along quickly.

    steven novotny

    It does seem like the best way to capture intent over game mechanics. I think we have agreed that we will state intent for the brigade and then the players will agree what that move consists of, e.g. two moves at full speed and change of formation.  We’ll see how difficult its becomes to get consensus when the battle becomes intense.

    I think the “all battalions do exactly the same thing” approach is untenable. I believe I have seen examples where a brigade “attacks” with one battalion engaging and the others supporting. If this is a legal brigade order, then it would definitely be a counter example of “all battalions do exactly the same thing”.

    Garry Wills

    Given that only one unit can contact the front of a charged unit, giving a brigade an order to charge that defending unit automatically results in one unit charging into contact and the others supporting. Consequently this must be OK under the brigade order rules. So I agree exactly the same  thing is untenable. I guess that option 1 is the best way to go even if phrased in line with option 3.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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