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    hey all, please pity me as I’m completely new to black powder and I seem to have a problem. 

    I recently purchased a rule book and a set of british napoleonic command figures that showed a commander and several sergeants and TWO flag bearers.

    Therein , lay my problem. Where were the huge flags shown in the pictures?

    I was given 2 handy brass rods I assume I must drill out the hands for, and 2 sets of the decorative ropes(?) (The gold tussles that hang from the poles) but no flags.

    Am I supposed to make these myself?

    Kind of think maybe a little message explaining this would have been nice!

    As it stands now I have 2 pole bearers 😆.

    How do I make them? Plasticard won’t work will it? And are they hand painted?


    Are you near Chelmsford?  -if so jump on the Chelmsford Bunker facebook group where a few of us can help you out, both with questions & opponents! (wednesday evenings)

    But for flags…. well you need to know what regiment you are painting as the facings of the uniform changes depending on the regiment…
    however there are a couple of sites that do flags for you…google GMB designs for one example, the flags are paper that fold round the flag pole (before you put the tassels on) use PVA glue so you can get the movement in them.

    I need to finish off my french and put their flags on!

    As to why they arent included – well because for the British each regiment has 2 unique flags, and (with a few exceptions like the guards and rifles) only a single battalion in the field … this means you’d have either a random selection of flags or have to provide about 100 different flags depending on what brigade (and in what year!) people want to do….

    like why outside of the starter sets WL dont supply bases – its easier, and more cost effective for both WarLord and US the consumer that they arent supplied.

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    Charge The Guns

    Hi Hazed100, and welcome to Napoleonic gaming! 😀

    As Nat has said, typically people source their own flags for units, because there are such a variety to choose from.  Warlord sometimes include them in some of their sets, but more often than not you need to source them.  Some people paint them themselves, but this can be quite tricky.

    I really like GMB and Flags of War.



    Each British battalion (a unit in Black Powder) carried two flags, or “colours”.  One (called the Kings colour) with the red, white and blue union flag, and the second was mainly a single colour, normally matching the facing colour of the battalion (called the regimental colour) with the union flag in the top left corner.  There would be some design in the centre of both flags as well. Having the two flags makes British battalions look fabulous!

    When you add the flag bearers to your unit remember to have the Kings colour on the right and the regimental on the left otherwise old grognards will wander up to you and tell you the flags are the wrong way around 😝.

    [Note the British Guards had a slightly different approach but I wont try and confuse you right now with that!]

    Have fun picking your battalion and come back and show us a picture with the flags! 👍


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