• Hope I got this right, I reply to add to the list? 😬

    I’m Rob from Essex , huge Bolt Action fan, have almost every book and currently a huge collection of armies. I seem to almost complete a countries army when my fancy switches to someone new and the whole process repeats! 😁.

    Worryingly I’ve started to take an interest in British Napoleonic…[Read more]

  • hey all, please pity me as I’m completely new to black powder and I seem to have a problem. 

    I recently purchased a rule book and a set of british napoleonic command figures that showed a commander and several sergeants and TWO flag bearers.

    Therein , lay my problem. Where were the huge flags shown in the pictures?

    I was given 2 handy brass…[Read more]

  • I have also considered the massed assault , especially when using a russian mainly infantry based army.

    What i was considering was early game (after purchasing MANY cheap cannon fodder infantry to lead!😁) have an officer snap to 3 lower rank officers who then all snap to further units of maximum filled out infantry (cheap inexperienced types to…[Read more]

  • Well probably like most of us who love a spectacular looking model or big artillery piece , i went ahead and bought the pak 43 cruciform AT gun from warlord only to then find it difficult to find a battle or theater in which i could field it!

    Then my greed for even meaner looking artillery led me to buy a beautiful looking 12.8 cm <i>Kanone</i> 8…[Read more]