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    L.T. Russell

    Howdy y’all!  L.T. Russell here, initials not rank.  I’m in Helena, Montana, by way of El Paso, Texas, originally from Herndon, Virginia.  I’m an old, retired guy.  Been gaming since my older cousin was taking me to the Wargaming Club at Indiana University, back in the 70s.  The good folks up here at White Knight Games & Hobbies got me back into gaming, specifically Konflikt 47 and Bolt Action.  I play Germans.  I can also be found playing the board games; Wingspan and Empire Builder.  I’m working on putting together a Viking/barbarian army for Warlords of Erehwon and a gang for Necromunda.  A pleasure to finally make it onto the forums….

    John J Pyrtle

    Eric Fontaine, long time no see! Hope all is well!


    I’m Pete, West Australian Tabletop gamer who has just bought into Judge Dredd and Slaine and looking forward to Narrative telling skirmish battles, may possibly even make some video battle reports on my YouTube channel Pete’s Fried Chicken Gaming.


    Hello, I am from Valencia (Spain), and I am looking for people to try Konflikt 47 and Bolt Action.


    Hope I got this right, I reply to add to the list? 😬

    I’m Rob from Essex , huge Bolt Action fan, have almost every book and currently a huge collection of armies. I seem to almost complete a countries army when my fancy switches to someone new and the whole process repeats! 😁.

    Worryingly I’ve started to take an interest in British Napoleonic armies.. this could prove problematic for space!!!

    Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing hobby and are in good health.


    Hello all. In August, I will relocate to Nairobi for a few years. Are there any (or does anyone know of) Bolt Action players or groups there?


    @hazed100 – anywhere near Chelmsford?

    Steven Woolley

    Hi there. My name is Steven and I am generally a plastic modeller in 1/35, 1/48 and 1/72 scale and I also run N gauge trains. I am based in Cheshire, UK. I am new to Bolt Action and I love the idea of building a sizeable army on the tabletop that is convincing unlike in 1/35 scale where this would be impossible. I am developing an Italian army and looking forward to seeing some of your creations.

Viewing 8 posts - 301 through 308 (of 308 total)
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