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    I am Ian (aka Phosphorid – I have used this moniker name for a very long time online so I have continued to use it here). I am a recently retired teacher living in Somerset. My children got me into wargaming well over 20 years ago now. My primary interest is in Ancients – I have been a member of the Society of Ancients since ’14 and I have found Hail Caesar coming into its own as my armies have got larger. I also have Bolt Action (Russians/Fins – we have gone for the conflicts between those two – quite a few of the vehicles can effectively swap sides if we don’t logo up too much!). [Being honest we still have large fantasy Armies in the family and we are currently playing ‘The Ninth Age Rules’ (T9A) for those armies]. Naval battles are a bit of an attraction and Cruel Seas is the one we have gone for in the family although I have also played Victory at Sea at the local Club where Black Seas is also appearing.

Viewing 271 post (of 271 total)
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