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    I am Ian (aka Phosphorid – I have used this moniker name for a very long time online so I have continued to use it here). I am a recently retired teacher living in Somerset. My children got me into wargaming well over 20 years ago now. My primary interest is in Ancients – I have been a member of the Society of Ancients since ’14 and I have found Hail Caesar coming into its own as my armies have got larger. I also have Bolt Action (Russians/Fins – we have gone for the conflicts between those two – quite a few of the vehicles can effectively swap sides if we don’t logo up too much!). [Being honest we still have large fantasy Armies in the family and we are currently playing ‘The Ninth Age Rules’ (T9A) for those armies]. Naval battles are a bit of an attraction and Cruel Seas is the one we have gone for in the family although I have also played Victory at Sea at the local Club where Black Seas is also appearing.


    Hi my name is Greg and im from western Canada new to the game of boltaction just getting started ..anyone from Calgary area pls message me

    Ralph Bennett

    Greetings fellow enthusuastics, my name is Ralph and I curently live in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.

    I play bolt action now using 1:72 scale as there is a bigger variety of models available in this scale.  This is not my first, second, third or fourth foray into this type of gaming and at times I have had many more troops and equipment.

    Just a question, how large an army does need to effectively play a decent bolt action game.

    Currently I can field and effective kampfgruppe of tanks, assault guns, tank destroyers, artillery, anti tank guns, mortars, many machine guns and virtually all the paraphenalia associated with a proper german army

    Last battle played, very quick, force selected – 3 reinforced platoons (officer, 2 five man infantry sections, mmg and artillery peice (88 AA version), enemy force – tiger, panzer iv, 2 sdkfz251/1, mortar, mmg, 3 sections (veterans), officer and spotter

    First shot of game, one of the 88’s killed the tiger, by turn three the openent capitulated as I still had 11 order dice left and he was down to the mortar team, everything else had been killed,.  Because I used small sections, I was able to envelop his forces and had flank shots on every vehicle, thus in first turn I had immobilsed both the hanomags, and virtually eliminated his options.  I lost a total of 4 men killed from different units.  Highlight of ther battle, his last infantry unit was the other side of the objective, so with all three officers near the objective and his infantry unit being targeted by an 88 using he, tow truck using the pintle mounted mmg, 2 mmg units, he was down to the nco left, after everything but officers had fired, so I advanced the three officers, one of them was in range, single shot from his luger pistol, 6 to hit, 5 to kill the last man standing

    Robin Svensson

    Greetings all! My name is Robin and I run a hobby youtube channel called Kabin Miniatures. I recently bought my first Warlord Games miniatures when Sláine: Kiss My Axe was released. So far I’ve painted the SKull Swords and I must sat they were awesome! I’m looking forward to painting more and playing the game! Thanks to admin for admitting me here.


    Hi all

    Just a quick note to say

    “Going Dutch” the sequel to “Seaforth’s Ladies” is now available in hardcopy at Amazon. eBook version available everywhere by the end of this month.

    Sandy Addison


    I am an old-school wargamer, having started back in the 1970s -my school had a wargames club.  I’ve recently retired and have moved to Scotland; initially I wasn’t going to try Bolt Action as my current club only use the 28mm figures and my pension won’t quite support the cost, but I let myself be persuaded.  I now have a section of British infantry and two Naval sections…and am planning to get some commandos.


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    Thomas Solway

    Hi, I’m Thomas Solway here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    I hear that there’s a discord out there somewhere, I’d love to get involved.

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