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    Duncan Wasdell

    Hi Paul. Hello! Where are you based? I’m in the process of having a monster 16’x4′ Bolt Action table built for me (in 4×4 sections) and I hope to take it out on a bit of a tour once such things become possible again. I’m really interested in using the table to help introduce more young people into the hobby, so bringing it to clubs like you mention would be awesome! You can check on the progress of the table’s construction too, as it is currently featuring on the Geek Gaming YouTube channel. Check out the Restless Kaiser at Modelling for Advantage too – I know he runs similar clubs for kids in London…

    Best wishes


    Duncan Wasdell



    i am Finn from Germany in Rostock. I recently started playing Victory at Sea with some friends.

    Have a nice day.


    Hi! Currently living in Germany, Bayern.

    This last year I have been getting back into miniature wargaming and Black seas was the one the sparked my interest again!

    Love building the ships, making terrain and playing the age of sail tabletop style!

    I’ve recently created an Instagram and YouTube channel showcasing my hobby at Kolgarts_Miniatures

    Hopefully within the next couple months when my local games store opens, I can bring the joy of black seas with me and enjoy Napoleonics to the fullest!

    Brian Aderson

    Hi All,

    im Brian and I’m based just north of Nottingham in the UK.
    my main interest here is Bolt Action and I have a small German late war force and a growing force of Canadians including a tank force.

    haven’t played yet though so looking for patient opponents to cut my teeth on.

    Endre Fodstad

    Hi there. I come as a set, as I am pretty sure my opponent won’t register here as he is a Discord junkie. We’re two norwegian Warmachine (and Warcaster, and Battlefleet Gothic, and a few other things that pop up) players that have discovered a common interest in maritime games we did now know we shared despite being friends for over a decade now. So Black Seas it is. Despite the models being slightly off historically, we’re going to rewind time a bit and paint them up as Danish-Norwegian and Swedish vessels of the Great Northern War. The focus will be on smaller vessels (as is the case during the Napoleonic Wars, ships of the line seldom got into action during the Great Northern War and spent most of their time either blockading or being blockaded) , although I am sure we’ll eventually get to the Battle of Køge Bay in 1710 eventually, which involved 20-30 ships of the line on each side. Researching the coloring now.

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    Dave McNally


    I’m Dave, a Scot currently living County Cork. After playing GW games for almost 30 years I was lured into Bolt Action a couple of months ago. I’m a huge fan of old war movies so I didn’t take much luring! Having been raised on A Bridge Too Far I’ve started painting up a British Airborne platoon which is coming along gradually.

    Unfortunately I have poor impulse control so I already have a pile of shame with a Waffen SS platoon, some commandoes and a whole bunch of US Rangers waiting to be painted too. I have this vague notion of amassing and painting all the forces and scenery necessary to play through D-day, Market Garden and the battle of the bulge. Might take me a while!


    Simon Morley


    I’m in the Scottish borders on the East Coast.

    Just started with Blackpowder for Napoleonic having played many different rules.

    Like some points and scratch my head at others so need to play more to work them out.


    Frederic Romero


    I’m a French player desperately looking for some players for Napoleonic Black Powder in 15mm in France.


    Grrrrreetings from East Finland!

    I am a Finn from a Finnish Eastern provinces.

    As a member of my local ”Figurine Games Assossiation”, I got this year interested to Warlord Games miniatures through one well made stopmotion animation in Youtube (”Beyond Gates of Antares”, FYI).

    After inspecting the websites and webstore of Warlord Games, I have discovered how easy it actually can be with one series’s free QuickStart rules PDF to assemble a demo game for at least one of the games featuring ”Bolt Action game mechanics”.

    Thus I gathered what I had available for ”proxying” and held a demo game one wednesday at the assossiation’s ”Gaming Bunker”. That day, sadly, had just a few members in there (there were four of us that day, two were having a 40k match, third was there for for pulling a demo game of ”Vikings and Saxons”, and me demonstrating ”Bolt Action” game mechanics with Beyond Gates of Antares QuickStart rules and proxy minis).

    I did get one interested to try out, and we concluded the mechanics themselves good for future planning. The two of us started to take a further look of Warlord Games’s products of ”Bolt Action kin”, and concluded to go for Konflikt ’47.

    As it is for now, we desided to get the Core rules book of K47 for starters, and make more demo game introduction for growing our small group of interested, and later on making a group order for the models.

    Personally, my second motivator (next to the gaming mechanic with gaming pieces available to be used in more than one game (namely K47 and ”Bolt Action”) for starting collecting WLG gaming figures is for my personal little ”stopmotion experiment” (I am a student in ”media material creation” after all… 😂).

    Thanks for having me!


    Lee S. Martinson

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello everyone.. Thank you for having me on this forum. I have been gaming and painting figures for over 45 years. Both sides of my family have proudly served the United States in the times of war, or otherwise, since their arrival from Norway 🇳🇴 in the late 1850’s. I am an old Army veteran myself having been a a Military Police officer in the early 80’s. I play Napoleanics, French and Indian war, American Revolution, American Civil War, WW1 and WW2.</p>


    Hola, mi nombre es Juan Luis, pero en este mundillo me conocen por Mortap, principalmente juego a bolt action, con italianos, suelo fabricarme tanto la escenografia como los vehiculos, respecto a las miniaturas soy muy fiel  a Warlord


    Hi guys!

    I’m very new to Warlord and gaming in general (I had a very brief spell with a Games Workshop game recently but was put off by the way they do things.) so I look forward to taking up residence here!

    I discovered Warlord games 3 months ago when I found out there was a Judge Dredd game on the market. Needless to say, I snapped up the core game and have been gradually buying the extra miniatures. I know I’m quite late to the party, but I REALLY hope there’s more to come and that it’s not gonna be phased out anytime soon (I pre-ordered the wally squad, robots, and kleggs which I’m super excited about, just worried its the “final” addition to game — I saw the rulebook in the clearance sale, after all…)

    Anyway, nice to “meet” you all!


    Hi all,

    My name is Roberto and live in Italy (sorry for my English)

    I played at Bolt Action and now discovery Victory at Sea. Useful forum that solve some my doubts.


    Hi from Spain!

    My name is Daniel. I’m play Victory at Sea. I love IJN and ships and this game have all in one. I LOVE IT!!.





    Hey all. Just taking my first steps through the Gates of Antares, and wanted to say hello. I’ve been painting up some Concord Combined Command infantry, but have some Isorians on order. I appreciate the pandemic has rather put a dampener on movement, schedule and releases, but since I’m primarily interested in painting and modelling, I figured that shouldn’t stop me posting.

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