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  • Hi Paul. Hello! Where are you based? I’m in the process of having a monster 16’x4′ Bolt Action table built for me (in 4×4 sections) and I hope to take it out on a bit of a tour once such things become possible again. I’m really interested in using the table to help introduce more young people into the hobby, so bringing it to clubs like you…[Read more]

  • Thanks Paul.

    That beach looks pretty impregnable to me!

    I’m hoping to use the completed table from Luke as a bit of an excuse to see as much of this country as I can, as and when we can, while trying to raise a bit of money for charity and do a bit to promote various aspects of the hobby. I’ve asked Luke to build a Salute-worthy table, that…[Read more]

  • Hi all. So how and where do you play your Bolt Action games? Do you use mats and scatter terrain? Purpose built gaming tables? In clubs, kitchens, attics…?

    I’m new to the game, if not the hobby and have made an unusual decision…I’ve commissioned a well-known YouTube terrain maker to build me a 16ft x 4ft modular table, themed on the Normandy…[Read more]

  • Hello all. My name is Duncan Wasdell, a 51-year old living in south-east London. I’m currently building my first Bolt Action forces (Normandy 44 based) in isolation while shielding from Covid. So I am hugely looking forward to getting to play my first games when the chance to do returns…

    So please do feel free to get in touch…


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