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    Sofia Chambers

    Kia ora, great to see this forum just when I’m getting into 28mm games.

    Hello world.

    Fred Mottern

    Hello to all my 28mm brethren. Long time gamer, I run British BEF, Chindits, Ghurka’s, Japanese IJA and the US 5307 Prov. Combat Unit. It is great to see the forums back again and look forward to exchanging tips, ideas and general bs with you all. Thanks to those responsible for bringing this forum back.

    Jim Ripley

    Jim Ripley checking in . Nice to see the forums up and running as well it’s good to see a few old faces who’s work I’m looking forward to seeing again . I mean they must have built and painted a figure or two in the past 6 or so months the sites been down , right ? I’m not a gamer but I’m a model builder , having 50 plus 28mm scale tanks and vehicles , not to mention a couple of hundred Russians , Germans and Japanese troops . Makes a nice change from the 1/35 scale stuff I use to mess about with . Hopefully this new site will be easier to post pictures on , I’m an analog man in a digital world lol


    Hello. I’m Scott, from New Zealand.
    Long time Bolt Action player with US Airborne, US Marines, and Chindits.
    Lately I’ve been painting stuff for Antares. Nearly finished my C3 and I have a Freeborn starter box in the post on its way to me as I type this.
    I will throw up some photos in the relevant sections as I finish things.


    Hello everyone! Nice to finally see the mythical Warlords Forum back online!

    MY name is Max and I live in Sweden. Have been into Bolt Action for about 3 years now and I have a bit of everything when it comes to armies. US Airborne, UK Airborne, Soviets, German Heer, SS, Fallschirmjäger, Volkssturm etc. Currently working on a campaign system and completing my Battle for Berlin Box set. Will upload some photos as things gets completed 🙂


    Hello everyone – nice to see some old ‘faces’!

    I’m Corso, the guy from Malta. Have Soviets for Bolt Action, Imperialists for Thirty Years War (my favourites) and doing Carthaginians for Hail Caesar. Am also thinking of starting landsknechts – love the plastic kits. I generally paint more than I play mainly since in my island very few people play historical wargames.

    Russell justice

    I used to be justruss but I messed up so now I’m just me ! I’m a bit of a technophobe as you have probably guessed but it’s blooming good to be back 😀



    Taxen from sweden checking in! Nice to see the forum back. Mainly ancient and also a swedish 30 years war army for pike & shot.
    Just started a US army,1943,sicily for Bolt Action.


    Phil hays

    Phil Hays from the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Go by Phlop on the forums. Have Germans, British (late war), Japanese, working on Russians now. Have Test of Honor also. Paint for Catalyst Games ( Battletech) in my spare time.


    Hello People

    I’m Wiegraf. Dustin in the real world in Canada. Glad to return and have this forum return! I am currently working on Republican Romans, then after work on the Jewish Revolt, Greeks, Successors, Persians, Carthaginians…heck, Any army from 600 bc to 200 ad I am interesting in doing!


    Greetings from Alameda, California home of the USS Hornet CV-12. Interested in taking off from carriers, island hopping and generally flying in the Pacific on either side. I will fly European Missions but am more restrictive about county’s planes I am willing to pilot.



    A big hello to everyone from not so sunny Somerset in the uk, my names rich and yes I too have a small bolt action problem, in the works I have a British airborne, a joint waffen/ German Heer force, us infantry for Normandy and also sprues for a fallshirmjager force waiting to be started.
    Now i just need some opponents to play against. Been a long time builder but not so good a painter but that’s starting to change as i get more painting time. Have an interest in anything ww2 or armoured related. Also a smattering of airsoft.


    Hi Guys I’m Ben. I’m from New Zealand’s South Island. My main interest is playing Black Powder Napoleonics, though I have just recently painted up my first Warlords Vikings. Aiming to use the Shieldwall supplements skirmish rules to game with them.

    Edward Sturges


    I’m kustenjaeger (Edward) based in the west of Surrey, UK.

    I’ve dabbled in Bolt Action albeit with 20mm and 10mm Seven Years War with Black Powder. I’m thinking about Pike & Shotte. Happy to play other scales and periods though.



    Hello again, everybody! So who (apart from me) is back here under a new name, then?

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 295 total)
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