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    Battle Brush Sigur

    New names? nevar! well, kinda. But my proper name’s still in there.

    @Edward: Excellent choice of 10mm there. I play P&S with 10mm minis. Almost works for a full battle on a 6′ by 4′ table. 😀


    John here, Lincoln Nebraska, I used to be bakblast but I entered my real name in the wrong field, anyone know how I can edit

    Rafael Ortiz

    Hello everyone! I’m Rafael and I’m from Córdoba, Spain. I play Bolt Action with some friends in our club but we also have minis for Black Powder! Great to see the forums back up.


    What’s going on here? It’s got my real name, not my user name…


    John, go into your profile, change your ‘name’, the bit it says can be seen by everyone, and then ‘save changes’. Job done.

    Greg S


    I’m Greg, I play Bolt Action and a little bit of K47. I am currently making slow progress on a new winter German army. I’m buying models for it faster than I can paint them.


    Hey all!!!!
    I am a sarge living in West Virginia! I play TOH, BA, Hail Ceasar, Lack Powder, Pike and shotte! Look forward to chatting with everyone!

    Big Al

    Is Lack Powder the one where there is no shooting allowed?

    Rough Rider

    Hi, back again. I missed these forums glad to see they have been resurrected. Just working on more plastic Warlord ECW infantry- what a coincidence!

    Chris peachey

    Hi all My name is Chris. from East Anglia UK. I play Beyond the Gates of Antares, Bolt Action, Blood red Skies and dr who exterminate, I have project z but never played it.
    My main problem is finding a community nearby who play these games.

    Gary Evans

    Greetings from Adelaide. Wings of Glory player thinking of branching out to BRS.

    Nick Turner

    Nick, South Somerset, amongst my rules are Hail Caeser, Pike and Shotte and Black Powder. Have plenty of armies to go with each.

    Carl E. Corrado

    Morning all!

    My name is Carl, been gaming for more years then I want to remember. Greatly enjoy Bolt Action. Hope to see you at Historicon.



    Liking in the Peoples Independent Democratic Republic of South Yorkshire, just outside the capital of Barnsley.

    own BA (though not got round to getting V2) with a Japanese army, plus some SS that I will finish “eventually”, beautiful models, love the autumn camo but gods it takes ages to paint nicely

    Also have HC (play in 15mm), P&S with a 28mm force of the very nice warlord models, and building a BP force for the Peninsular campaign (which will be finished after the SS…)

    Test of Honour is owned and I want to play more (launch was a bit bodged locally)

    Just started with BRS and enjoying it

    Have GoA here as well but that seems to have vanished without trace locally

    Spend more time painting than playing

    Big Al

    We have some players of all those games at the Sheffield and Rotherham Wargames Club, Leopard. You are welcome to come down and see what we do, though scales may differ. I’m sure we can accommodate you. We meet every Thursday at the Farm Road Club in Sheffield, which is next to the McDonalds just past the station.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 300 total)
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