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    Danny B

    I’m Danny, from South England. I have the Band of Brothers Bolt Action starter set, the Test of Honour starter set, as well as a few expansions for ToH. I’ve barely painted any of it, due to time limits & having TOO many things to chose from to paint. I also haven’t played any of it yet, though I do have enough done for the ToH starter scenario.

    Richard hOLDEN

    Richard from Sheffield I play many games ,the warlord ones are Boltaction and Dr Who


    Hi all and good news this forum is back up and running.I live in the UK and will post up some of my new Normandy terrain at the end of the week.


    Good day all.

    I am not really a long term player of Warlord Games. Played a dozen or so games of Bolt Action and absolutely fell in love with Project Z.
    Now I have started up a Beyond…Antares project. C3 and AI.
    One of the best things I like about the Warlord family of games is that they lend themselves well to solo play.
    I have a hard time interacting with others face to face, I know pretty bad for a hobby geared more towards social settings. But with BA, BtgoA, and even Project Z I can get in my gaming fix with or without another player.


    Hi I’m Jason from Limerick Ireland, play Bolt Action but loving the simplicity of this game.

    Charles Sherrange

    Hi, my name is Charles Sherrange, and I live in Pittsburgh. Always looking for more folks to play some BA with!

    Have a pretty regular group that meets up if anyone is interested.


    Hello all:

    Pat from Central Pennsylvania. I’m glad to see the forums back; they are a great place to share information.

    I play BA and another WWII based game. My area is a black hole of historical gaming so I am always looking for people wanting to play. I am open to any/all historical games; BA is my favorite for now.

    I have German and US armies for BA. Working on British and Soviet (building onto the armies supplied with Pegasus Bridge and Battle of Berlin sets). I am thinking of starting a Finnish force; I like the history and need to try something a little different.

    See ya,


    * If your close to St College or Altoona hit me up for some games!

    Thomas Duerrschmidt

    Hello, my name is Thomas. I live in Northern Bavaria, the county is called the Upper Palatinate. I am a big fan of 28mm figures. But I am not a wargamer. I mostly do bigger and smaller dioramas with wargaming figures. Some of you might know at least one of my works, shown in the showcase section in the “Armies of Germany-book 2nd Edition”.

    I look forward to the new summer painting competition.

    Regards Thomas


    Hi, RoryK here bases in Hertfordshire UK. Looking to start BA from scratch and hoping to meet other local people who are looking for someone to enjoy the hobby with without going to a club / tournament every time.

    Jason Hall

    Greetings all…

    Jason, in Dundee Scotland. Been a gamer for a long time, mainly GW but since discovering Warlord I’m expanding my library a lot 🙂

    I’m currently starting a Roman army for Hail Caesar and will be starting a British force for Bolt Action soon.

    Love the hobby, do a lot of terrain modelling. I’m a digital artist by profession but many years ago was a professional industrial model maker for a while so I love doing the practical stuff when I can 🙂

    Matt Bell


    Im Matt, I will confess that the wargaming element is not my primary focus as I enjoy making models from WW2 but I discovered Bolt Action as a means of building WW2 equipment without taking up the space and cost of 1/35 modelling. I also paint model sliders as a means of coping with mental health issues – but fitting it in around my main job is challenging.


    hello I am Alberto Castiñeiras, and I am one of the administrators / organizers of the Official Community of Bolt Action in Spain, called bolt Action Hispania, a player for years of Bolt Action and a lover of this game. Thanks to all


    Hello! My name is Mike and my interest in WWII board games began some forty years ago. However, it has been many years since I played. Thanks to YouTube, I have been able to “revisit” some of my favorite games!

    It was while searching for WWII board game videos that I came across references to Bolt Action wargaming miniatures. After viewing a number of playthroughs, I though I might have a go at it. My love of model building and and diorama making will suit me well.

    As I began to build my “army” and actually start to play, I am sure I will frequent the forum regularly.


    Hi there

    I am Rudy from Kempton Park South Africa.I have been playing wargame’s since 1986. I started Bolt Action last year and I am enjoying it tremendously.

    Any South africans keen to start can contact me.

    Great to see this forum up and running. Will ask for a lot of advice.


    I’m Jeremu from Massachusetts, I have Black powder figures from the AWI (British), ACW (Union), and Napoleonic (British) periods, as well as Bolt Action late-war British and early-war French. I plan on getting some Hail Caesar! Saxons soon.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 307 total)
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