• aware a size stat adds complexity, but would need a D10 system to be worthwhile – its really a way of shifting the “its a destroyer!” modifier to be the ships size but also allow “its the Yamato!” at the other end

    key being for most craft its a “0” so ignorable, but removes the need for other modifiers, traits or special rules for what amounts to…[Read more]

  • had a few more games today, managed to even win one, the Destroyer flotilla has proven its worth, not quite enough for scouting duties reliably yet but I want a few more anyway.

    Game 1: Royal Navy V IJN with a Kongo & Mogami, basically ran rings round them, lost as my fleet lacked a “bruiser” of any significance (I lack any of the cheaper…[Read more]

  • seems there is enough “gamey” bits around aircraft that for now likely not bothering with them, so far finding ~700 points to ~1,000 points nice and its hard to stick a decent sized carrier in that, build a scouting fleet around it and still have something able to do a bit of damage.

    in effect if I wanted to play “Warhammer: ww2 Navy” I would,…[Read more]

  • as I noted you can rationalise that either way easily enough so no real issue there, just seems something that is perfect for a rulebook diagram for the next edition

  • DP armed escorts though do have longer range so an “outer perimeter” works, well sort of.. have found the FAQ and its slightly disappointing to see rules encouraging the “carpark” formation approach instead of taking great delight in punishing it. Guess this is where you need to pick your ships carefully and pay attention to movement to try to…[Read more]

  • oh aware you can build a fleet round it, though to be honest I try not to “optimise” a list knowing what my opponent has. I do have a reasonable destroyer compliment (9 of the beasties) which I figure are perfect for facing off v IJN torpedoes as they are almost literally not worth the torpedo shot – IJN greatest weakness seems to be a high…[Read more]

  • not sure on the waterloo version but have played the ACW version and found a massive problem – the game is BP, that bit works, the issue is the change of scale – units have gone from 28mm to ~12mm, no issues, they look really nice. the models have gotten smaller, you have gotten more of them, but the formation width hasn’t really changed – which i…[Read more]

  • don’t see any risk for the IJN, yes a lower chance of a hit – but not everything has to fire the salvo, and the chance to trade one load from one side for a chance to perhaps remove a key unit seems well worth it.

    I see why it has to be unlimited range to “work” or its a waste of words, but personally yes the long lance had range, but short of…[Read more]

  • Not seen the changes to DP guns.. only really have had one test airstrike that included a single DP equipped destroyer so it worked but not amazingly well.. will have a look at the changes.

    this is part of the point made elsewhere about what counts as moving over the escort, given its meant to be just a single point

    I *hate* gamey stuff like…[Read more]

  • @Enioch, that helps cheers, not sure its “over thinking it” when the game gives you a counter to ask “so where do I actually put this?”, very easy to resolve but should really have been picked up in testing.

    note that still leaves the question of can you shoot between the smoke template and the bridge of the ship laying it?

  • for sure as an intro, I moved on reasonably quickly to another game I won’t mention here thats closer to a simulation, that said that does bog down quite quickly in larger games.

    Almost needs two sets of air rules, the “abstract” set for games with combined ops where airpower is a boost for a fleet but not the focus, and a more detailed version…[Read more]

  • First point, I like the default scenario, I like how the default game isn’t “line up either side of the table and charge!”, I like how you have variable victory conditions and indeed a variable size of force.

    that said, a few ideas to take this and improve it:

    1. before you play, build a “fleet” – pick the desired game point value and build a…

    [Read more]

  • house rules document is a nice read, does assume you can actually get people to use something unofficial (this is a issue locally, hard enough to get an “official FAQ” used), and seem to make the game a lot better.

    cheat sheets useful too, oh for games to have a very clear “turn sequence” (ideally with page references)

  • must have been a seriously amazing flak gun design to be able to fire further along the length of the ship than across its width…

    thats practically needing a white cat & diamond collar level of ingenuity

    using the base for this sort of thing, when literally everything else ignores the base, is somewhat unfortunate.

    doesn’t “feel right” that…[Read more]

  • will check that out thanks, the over the horizon stuff is the pre-game torpedo strike where they things can not only shoot further than Yamato could fire its guns, but can also fire further than they can fire during the game – all of which is “meah” but its the way the opponent can do absolutely nothing about it and could end up starting with a…[Read more]

  • yes have seen a bit of snark reading some other answers – its not a cheap rulebook and it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect this sort of thing to be actually covered without being accused of “rules lawyering” – presumably someone during play testing asked “so where does this smoke go exactly then?” – given its a flat marker sticking it under t…[Read more]

  • seems a bit on the gamey side that you can physically block an attack from the air with a ship on the surface “getting in the way”, especially a dive bomber, torpedo bomber could see a larger ship blocking a smaller one but not the other way round, idea that a few destroyers can make a carrier or other high value target immune to air attack just…[Read more]

  • my 2p..

    I played VaS version 1, seemed a bit Yahtzee with all the dice but was fun, only issue being the terrible turning radius of the ships

    VaS version 2 as we have here fixes that, seems to abstract out a few things and seems to not be an overly accurate simulation, but then it doesn’t claim to be, it is however an enjoyable game so to me…[Read more]

  • if a ship, say a small but highly irritating destroyer lays smoke between two ships, the smoke is laid behind the destroyer – does this go behind the destroyers bridge or behind the model? (from a rules point of view the former makes sense, from a models point of view the latter makes sense).

    the issue is as illustrated below, essentially if…[Read more]

  • How does the situation resolve if say a flight of aircraft wishes to launch a strike against a target but there is not enough space between the target and say an escort vessel for the craft to touch? does the method in the diagram below make sense?

    thinking the escort gets moved to make space, but also the escort gets to do its job and in the…[Read more]

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