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  • They would count as charging because of the Sweeping Advance . As you have said, a unit cannot engage an enemy unless it has charged, but when contact is made, you split the combat up into smaller ones. A supporting unit counts as engaged, so will count as charging.

  • I would say that the support would count as a victorious not. It may not have fought directly, but it still fought in that last combat.


    As to the second question, I answered a similar question on the Facebook group, or rather, I reminded the players of the disorder test for the sweeping advance, when it was pointed out to me that it was not in…[Read more]

  • Big Al replied to the topic Counting units in the forum Hail Caesar 9 months ago

    Well, ideally four or five divisions is what you need. But as I said, you are learning the rules and made the mistake has been learned. Next time you won’t count the skirmishers. I only said “it’s your game” because of that. I was not saying that you should do what you want because of that, only that it would not matter because of your learnin…[Read more]

  • Big Al replied to the topic Counting units in the forum Hail Caesar 9 months ago

    Not really. It is your game and you made the decision for both sides. I know you could argue that one side might have won if skirmishers hadn’t been counted, but the important thing is that you had fun and learned the rules.
    next time you play, you’ll not count the skirmishers and probably find it would make little difference with small for…[Read more]

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    Count them as ordinary infantry types (spears or archers) as if in square. This means that they ignore all break test results except “unit breaks.” A square is limited in the way it moves. Normally, it cannot advance, but can retire, but as this is a wagon, I would suggest that it moves slowly and cannot charge.

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I used the three bases but spread the figures out a little so that they wouldn’t look too cramped.</p>

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    If you read the rules, you will see that only a single unit can contact any one side of a unit! So the difference in unit frontage doesn’t matter. There are occasions where that doesn’t apply, but it always applies if it is the two smaller frontage units that are charging.

    the occasion when it doesn’t apply is when a larger unit charges into…[Read more]

  • I second Garry’s answer. Nothing more to add to it except that you should remember that all units that are in a position to support will be affected. This is regardless of whether they were used as support or not.
    as you know, only three units can support a unit in combat, but there could be more than three units in a position of support. it i…[Read more]

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    I don’t believe that they can.

  • You do whatever you see fit.

    personally, I just switch inches to centimetres Works well and no maths involved whatsoever. All distances are the same, just the measurement type is changed.

    some like to use 2/3rds distances but that involves maths on everything and means that you have to rewrite, or recreate a QRS. A lot of work involved compared…[Read more]

  • Can I just ask where you get 8 attacks for the Attack Column? For that matter, why have the British got 9 attacks? If these are standard units, they only have 6 attacks, 8 if a large unit.

    Your example also shows why Useful Rules should be applied carefully and sparingly, not loading up and making units invincible.

    something else that you have…[Read more]

  • Big Al replied to the topic charge distance in the forum Black Powder 1 year, 5 months ago

    Yes it can. As the rules state, a charge order is just a mechanic to get a unit to move into contact. Without it a unit cannot make contact with an enemy unit.
    You can issue a Charge order from any distance, but what it means is that the unit must make full moves until it makes contact with an enemy. If it doesn’t contact an enemy, it does not m…[Read more]

  • <p style=”text-align: right;”>Basically, yes. Changing formation takes a full move, so your unit moves up to the terrain(1st move, then changes formation (2nd move) then enters the terrain (3rd move).</p>
    That is per the rules in the main rulebook.

  • You have to be wary of podcasters making these statements. If it isn’t in the main rulebook, then it is either an alternative rule suggestion from one of the supplement books (including the rules that come with the Epic set) or it is a house rule that they are passing off as an actual rule.

    it is certainly not in the main BP2 rulebook.

  • Yes you can. Manhandled Artillery can move a maximum of 6 inches, regardless of how low the command roll is. So, even though you roll and get 3 moves, your manhandled Artillery can only make one move of a total of 6 inches.

    The shooting phase is a seperate phase and so, the artillery can fire during that phase.

  • Big Al replied to the topic Supports in the forum Black Powder 1 year, 8 months ago

    Basically, what Charge the Guns has said.

    the main thing to remember about a brigade order is that the units involved have to be within 6 inches of each other when the order is issued and end the turn within 6 inches of each other.

    I don’t know about P&S, but in Hail Caesar, supports move with the fighting unit wherever possible. If P&S is the s…[Read more]

  • No clue as yet. Sign up to the Warlord newsletter where it will be announced first. They will announce the pre-order dates and deals.

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    Not quite.
    the unit can charge an enemy unit regardless of whether it can see the enemy unit or not at the beginning of the turn.

    what is all important is

    1) the charging unit can see the target at the beginning of the charge move, which is the final move into contact. This could be the very first move or the third move earned due to the command…[Read more]

  • Hi Ken

    1) Disorder in hand to hand combat occurs as a result of the break test. Generally, it is the loser of the combat that takes a break test. I say generally because if the combat ends in a draw, either or both combatants could end up taking the test. If either combatant is shaken at the end of a drawn combat – Only a drawn combat – then they…[Read more]

  • I think it was a mistake making changes to the main book. It means that two people playing the game may have a different understanding of the rules because they are different. Neither would be wrong, just one would be misled. The mini rulebook (which I would never read because The print is too small) should be the same as the large format…[Read more]

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