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    Hi all,
    <p style=”text-align: right;”>I know that this question might have been answered thousands of times but I can’t find a suitable answer (also because I don’t know how to search previous topics.</p>
    Playing with 15 mm, would reducing all the movement and fire ranges by 2 be acceptable?

    Also, shouldn’t the base frontages suggested in the rules be halved?

    Thank you very much

    Big Al

    You do whatever you see fit.

    personally, I just switch inches to centimetres Works well and no maths involved whatsoever. All distances are the same, just the measurement type is changed.

    some like to use 2/3rds distances but that involves maths on everything and means that you have to rewrite, or recreate a QRS. A lot of work involved compared to the simple change of measurement type.


    As to bases, I use 40mm bases. Indeed, I recommend using the same basing as DBA.

    Four 40mm bases for a standard unit, six for a large, two for a small unit. Works well, especially as there is no figure count.


    Like Big Al says, Hail Ceasar is pretty agnostic when comes to basing or castings, the most important thing is a consistent unit “footprint” (with frontage being more important than depth), since the rules work off of tiny, small, standard and large size units largely based on the “unit’s frontage”.  But with that in mind, while I prefer painting 28s, one of the advantages of smaller scale miniatures is that things can be scaled down to play larger games on smaller surfaces.  So, if that is your goal, then doing what you suggest makes sense.  Al’s suggestion of simply converting every to centimeters would work well as would your thoughts about halving everything.

    I have also seen 15mm games played where each unit is a single base, with standard units being 8 castings (4 across and 2 deep) and small units a single base of 4 castings (2 by 2) and large units a single based of 12 castings (6 by 2) with pike units and warbands having a third rank.  Looks great when trying to do really big battles.  Since I watched and did not play in the game, I am not sure how they modified distances, but I think it was somehow done to keep it proportional.  All you would have to do is create a modified QRS as Al suggested.

    If you don’t mind painting lots and lots of little men, you could play full size Hail Ceasar with just a lot more figures on a base.  Quite visually spectacular, but while I love painting, I find big units to repetitive.  Even if you don’t maintain proportionality with Hail Ceasar’s recommended basing system relative to movement and fire ranges, the rules can still work pretty well.

    Charge The Guns

    Hi Marco – we have quite a lot of 15mm armies for the period left over from the days of DBM etc. These are all based on 40mm frontage elements.  For HC we tend to use three of these 40mm element bases to make up 1 HC standard sized unit.  Depth of unit to taste really.  With this system a large unit is 4 x 40mm bases wide, and a small unit 2 x 40mm bases wide.  This neatly keeps the different size of units in proportional size.  For movement etc. we halve the distances in the rules and stick to inches.

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