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    Ken Jacobsen

    Question for the group:

    It seems intuitive that a unit can only charge a unit that it can “see” at the beginning of the turn.


    Ken Jacobsen

    Sorry, didn’t complete the question before I hit Submit.

    Can the British unit “see” the French unit?

    Big Al

    Not quite.
    the unit can charge an enemy unit regardless of whether it can see the enemy unit or not at the beginning of the turn.

    what is all important is

    1) the charging unit can see the target at the beginning of the charge move, which is the final move into contact. This could be the very first move or the third move earned due to the command roll result.


    2) The only criteria that applies at the beginning of the turn is that the charging unit must be in the quarter of the target that it is going to charge. In other words, the charging unit cannot start its turn within the front quarter of the target unit and contact a flank or rear of the enemy unit in that turn. It must contact the front.

    Hope that answers your questions!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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