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    Victor Chamberlain

    the target of a terrifying charge takes a break test as if it had just lost a round of melee, fair enough simple rule.  However, if the target fails and actually breaks, ie removed from the table, what does this mean for any units in support? If a unit breaks on losing a melee then any unite in support also take a break test, so if the test is ‘as if the unit had lost a round of melee’ then would units who would have been supports in the melee also have to test?  Also if the target retreats as a result of the test could it still issue closing fire (assuming the chargers have enough move distance to catch them)?  Finally if the target retreats, has to end up behind another unit could the charger just pile into the newly revealed unit and would it also have take a break test?  Setting up a Jacobite game, just thinking through how devastating (or not) the highland change could be.

    Garry Wills

    Great question.  Yes I would say that the support units would also test for the reason you state. The rule as written suggests that the charge  move is complete once the charging unit has made contact, but it also mentions pursuit moves. So this would imply that the charging unit gets a follow up move including a sweeping advance or charge depending on eligibility, all of which would be worked out before the charging players command move continues. If the unit retreats as a result of the break test and is caught by the charging unit, following up,  it would be considered a continuation of a close combat and closing fire would not be allowed. However if the defending unit passed the initial break test closing fire would happen as usual.




    Victor Chamberlain

    Cheers Garry

    Charge The Guns

    I agree with Gary’s view  – all makes sense to me 🙂

    Big Al

    I second Garry’s answer. Nothing more to add to it except that you should remember that all units that are in a position to support will be affected. This is regardless of whether they were used as support or not.
    as you know, only three units can support a unit in combat, but there could be more than three units in a position of support. it illustrates how dangerous a break test failure can be and the possible domino effect it can have on your brigade.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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