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  • °From what I can tell british line infantry could be used if I paint the shakos red. The prussian landwehr sprue for the landwehr, and the british ranked rifles as jagers. Ideally we’d have models with the distinctive red hats instead of shakos, but baring that is this a reasonable aproach”


    The shako was never red, only the forage cap- So yo…[Read more]

  • Historically the Jäger in war of Liberation are named Schützen.   For example the Schlesische Schützen Battalion. A Jäger unit.   So the term would be 100 % correct.


    There was a problem with producing enough Jägerbüchsen / Rifles so some used carbines or shortened muskets.

    The terms got used long time for same troops, so Fallschi…[Read more]

  • The round badge with a pip was really the Ober…….   But hardly ever used with that  term Obersoldat.  It was Oberschütze, Oberjäger, Oberkanonier and so on.


    Hardly enough on the sheet for all uses, incl. the trade badges. So a Oberfunker needs two.


    The chevrons are for Gefreiter, Obergefreiter and Stabsgefreiter.   ~  Corporal…[Read more]

  • In 25th army in Malaya most taken from shops and civilists got painted olive.


    The Japanese made ones had been painted olive or in a light yellowish brown.  They stayed at home to hide the plans for invasion, saving space on ships  and increase landing speed.  Normally the army cyclist units had homemade ones.

    They had special types, in…[Read more]

  • Similar to HM forces German Heer used trade badges. These small round badges denoted special abilities or jobs.  Normally worn on right forearm.


    Like radio operator, Farrier, ordnance, Feuerwerker and some more.  In 28 mm the yellow sign on the green would be hardly different.  Gothic F or S for example….  SS had similar but on black.

  • The answers are 99% correct, 100% for the rules but the often written  Geneva Convention thing  is wrong.  In real world medics and hospitals are just limited to self defence and defence of the wounded.

    So  a military doctor, being an officer, wore in many armies  a pistol (or even sword like British on parade) .  Hospitals had rifles and often…[Read more]

  • Well, in our home games nobody would use indirect fire from a moving vehicle.  You have to stop and do the ranging process if you do not intent to wate amo by putting the rounds far away from target.


    In real world indirect fire the smallest change of barrel to the side or up and down would have big effect. Even streets are  not so smooth to a…

  • From first BA that question came again and again.  Naturally Katyusha units and Nebelwerfer used spotters.  Not wasting amo firing blind in indirect fire.


    The rule writers tried to make the Multi launchers weaker for game reasons  but in reality a Feuerschlag from a Werfer Regiment was devastating. Round 1 –  Game end.  Just a few surv…[Read more]

  • Hmmm, sorry to say but that Volkssturm pistol stuff is historical fantasy.


    Being and old professional historian and worse, from Berlin, I spoke for museum with many former Volkssturm men and former boys.  Pistols had been relatively rare and got used by NCO and officers and MG teams as secondary arms.

    The pics showing organised Volkssturm…[Read more]

  • The French formed for example provisional Regiments of horse like 1st – 3rd Cuirassiers . Formed from escadrons drawn away from regular units.   The 1st later became the 13th Cuirassier.   At first the men wore the uniforms from the one they came from. Only at next replacement they got new dress.

    Same with 1st – th Prov. Drag.

    Same with inf…[Read more]

  • I use oil washes for decades now, never using a tutorial. Just because I started long before Internt time.

    And there are many different ways.  For example I prime and paint in acryl and then use fitting oil colours or a wash.  For brown a Kasslerbrown, for blue a black or dark blue one. And later setting lights, mostly by acryl.

  • The steel cases got used in WW I and in 1918 the problems in rifles had been no more existing in larger scale. The trick was a reduction of the charg and a special “legierung” – It was not to be used im MG. It was possible to do a special MG Version but it was prefered to reserve brass cases for them.

    Being an old German military historian I was…[Read more]

  • As Nat stated there should be no longer Swedish rifle range.   That it is 19th century is the reason for the range, in that time technical doctrine in all countries asked for amo able to break a cavalry charge starting fire at long range.


    Svedish cavalry still trained in mid of war the mounted charge, strange because most had dropped the s…[Read more]

  • I’m not surprised that Walord starts another  range and then……   Being one of the crazy that likes scratch building I’m less affected than many others. I had hoped for an exension to W I.  In fact most of my hobby budget of last year went into “hardware”, antique stuff up to 1918. Like the cap of a sailor from SMS Emden.

    Cruel sea is not the…[Read more]

  • To get xxxx about rules for a prototype that never saw service is a bit ….. .   The two prototypes shared a single working turret. 205/2 got that turret and both vehicles got transported to Kummersdorf testing range.   2 was blown up at Hindenburgplatz in Wünsdorf, there it was used as pillbox. The explosion threw the turrret away.

    205/1 had…[Read more]

  • You are right concening the “true” dazzle ones that are not used on new or repaired ships post spring 45.

    Unfortunately some USN officers  used the word dazzle for non dazzle camo, sometimes even  for solid designs in correspondance . Some seem to have had  problems with measures that included different colors or shades, naming them wrongly da…[Read more]

  • invisible officer replied to the topic Painting guides? in the forum Victory At Sea 1 year ago

    Well, dazzle schemes got altered but not just painted over. There are books like the ones from Terzibaschitsch that state the scheme for the WW II times by month.

    I did years ago in 1/3000 all Philipine seas US ones in correct schemes.


    And have many models in 1/1250-

    For the Japanese carriers some Polish books are very good. And also about…[Read more]

  • The German AT gun servicewas ranked by size.


    8,8 and 12,8 cm AT guns had been part of the Atrmy and Corps artillery.   So not in division.  They got used mainly to defend “Schwerpunkte” where large enemy Tank forces had been expected.  The weight caused the static use, sometimes under concrete.  It was essential to protect the flanks.  And g…[Read more]

  • From the start it was clear that I wanted a model of  RA 9, the former ML 306. The only Fairmile B used by the Germans.

    It was one of the 18 Fairmile B  in the St. Nazaire raid. The petrol engine was the reason for the loss of many. Prone to fire 13 launches  are destroyed by coastal guns. The large 2300 litres extra tanks on deck fitted for th…[Read more]

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