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  • The forum is a “bit”  empty in the moment.  Any forum lives from the members, so you should post.

    Why not showing your ships?    Or tell us about your plans.


    My ship buliding is down in the moment, the international wood prices got crazy high.


    And a lot of hardware got in the way. Includig a genuine SMS Emden I Sailors cap.   I resarc…[Read more]

  • Sorry Eumerin, but that is just partly true. As you wrote, “some”.  Water is not absorbing the full energy of a near miss. In part it transports it.  The KTB of German vessels in Channel are full of near misses by small bombs and reports that they did a lot of damage.  Cracks in hull, damaged screws and rudder.    Like the DC that can destr…[Read more]

  • invisible officer replied to the topic Attacking buildings in the forum Cruel Seas 1 month ago

    Well, the Tallboy did not blow up the Bunker but the concussion did a lot of damage inside.  Damaging the repair facilties like the cranes inside fixed to the roof. The KM KTB tells a lot about that.  But no boat was destroyed, the bunkers had been a good investment.


    Similar to WW I, the German 42 cm Dicke Bertha grenade missed the fortress w…[Read more]

  • invisible officer replied to the topic Attacking buildings in the forum Cruel Seas 1 month ago

    Well, the S-Boot  or U-Boot Bunker will not be harmed by anything a Naval vessel could throw on it. Only the biggest blockbuster boms yould damage them. And against torpedoes there had been defences too. No wonder that there was no successfull ship attack on the big bunkers. Destroying German WW II bunkers was hard work. Blowing up mostly failed.…[Read more]

  • Hi Nigel,

    I play with fully rigged sailing ships in 1/1200 and 1/300. Even with standing and running rig they are very durable. The simpler rigging done by most on the Black sea models will stand to all ordinary forms of game use.

    OK, if you throw them at the wall……..  😉

  • Well, the French flank company epaulettes normally had not been fixed to the coat by sewing. Like officer ones they  had been removable for cleaning.  Nice for parade but in action they take every position one might think of.   I have in my collecion many uniforms with epaulettes and most rotate. Only those sewn to the coat do not move to str…[Read more]

  • Hmm, now we are promised some more models.  But, why Drache?   In the 13 months with helicopter test service it did not much, some minelaying actions.

    Attached to  U-Jagd Flottille 21. The Captain KKpt.d.R. Joachim Wünning  getting a Ritterkreuz because he was Flottilla leder too.  From Piräus, throwing mines in Ägaeis.

    Naggging , nagging.…[Read more]

  • Well, the nerd answer 😉  Not based on the rules  .

    German Funkmessgeräte (~ Radar) had no chance to detect a periscope. But British / US Radar had a fair one. So the U-Boot snorkel and periscope in late war got a waffled rubber plating. Sometimes it helped, sometimes……  Against a surface(d)  vessel the German systems worked well…[Read more]

  • “Pacific” is too broad to anwer yes or no. It depends on the exact area. The later war  Shorts Jungle  green are worn in regions without much Malaria only. So rarely seen in jungle.  And not in many Italian regions, so 8th army had to change to full length trousers.


    In 42 some units in Burma fought in KD with shorts. Gloucestershire rgt for ex…[Read more]

  • A perfect gaming table.    A dream, but not in my reach. Space….


    Well done.

  • Not enough vessels (and not enough space)  for the full Komet action.

  • I based my model on L 36   ESKDALE  . It was ordered 23<sup>rd</sup> August 1940 at Cammel Laird, Birkenhead and laid down 18<sup>th</sup> January 1941. Launched 16th March 1942 it was the first RN vessel of that name, named after a Cumberland fox hound. Completed 31<sup>st</sup> July 1942 it had been transferred to the exile Norwegian navy. It re…[Read more]

  • With a Hunt I and some Torpedoboote done it was just a question of time that I „needed“ a Hunt III.

    Hunt II and III had a   hull that was a little wider than Hunt I to gain more stability. Stacks, masts, bridges, everything a bit different.  So the II type could carry three twin 4” / 10,5 cm gun mounts. But the torpedo advocates asked for a to…[Read more]

  • It was used as an artillery tow. But not a single one.  Each 10,5 cm Gebirgshaubitze for example was transported with 5 Kettenkräder.   Amo was in trailers.


    The Kettenkrad was used in batteries of Fallschirm- and Gebirgs divisions.   They often had it in AT natteries too.


    It was not used as AT tow in normal divisions. It was the vehic…[Read more]

  • Have you tried the UPS tracking option?   You should have got the code with sending confirmation. Warlord have just the same you have there, so no answer may be because they could just answer: No idea.


  • Strategical the Tarento attack was just one part of M.B. 8.   Five convois under protection of all Med RN fleet. The Italians did not gain a picture of all that and so the battlesips stayed in harbor. The Italian air force was scattered and many recce planes got shot down.

    Illustrious first role was to support the fleet in Eastern Med.  . The ra…[Read more]

  • 2 x  single 2 cm guns

  • I based my model on Jaguar 1944. In 39 the five Raubtiere formed the 6. Flottille. They laid mines in North Sea and checked merchant traffic  to neutral countries. In December Jaguar and Seeadler took 6 prizes. In 1940 Jaguar took part in more mining missions or was part of escort  for larger warships or minelayers. In time of Weserübung Norway op…[Read more]

  • Between 1924 and 1929 the democratic Weimarer Republik built two very similar classes of Torpedoboote. The Type 1923 ~ Raubvogel class  and the type 1924 ~ Raubtier class.

    The first all named to birds: Möwe / Seeadler / Greif / Albatros / Kondor / Falke, the other to carnivores:  Wolf / Iltis / Luchs / Tiger / Jaguar / Leopard


    Design was in…[Read more]

  • I was asked about the role of the vessels up to Zerstörer size and decided to write some notes on historical KM tactics. The Kriegsmarine tactics got dictated by the strategical situation. From the start it lacked the numbers to fight the RN on an equal footing. The Commonwealth fleets had more cruisers than the Kriegsmarine destroyers.

    In…[Read more]

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