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  • Obviously   Battalions.   French Regiments had 4 front battalions but they rarely fought  together.

  • The best Book is:  Die Anstriche und Taarnanstriche der Kriegsmarine by Dieter Jung and others.  There you find the corresponding German Marine names from the list linked by you and heaps of originally photos.  Captions are in English too.


    I met the authours often, they had been the best experts in Germany. Some are dead now, shows how old I…[Read more]

  • The German 1944 Kraftfahr Zug / Platoon 30 ton had 10 Lorries with 10 Drivers and no co  Driver.  Zugführer in light car with a Driver and a Kradmelder with a motorbike.

    For these 10 lorries and staff 2 LMG are assigned.  The Zugführer had a pistol, all others a K 98. The MG had no special fixing point on the 3 ton Lorry. Under air attack the…[Read more]

  • They had rules. But often ignored them. By intent, more often from Need.

    Lucien Rousselot is a must and if you take the time to read it in deep it will help a lot. How it should have been. 😉

    At Waterloo a lot of very old stuff was still / again  worn. The battlefield finds show old styles of Buttons. In line and even guard units there was a…[Read more]

  • Marder III is a small designation problem. The first prototype of Panzerjäger 38″ (Sd. Kfz. 139) with 7,62 cm . Only 27 Feb. 1944 it became Marder III by order of Hitler. Until October 42   344 are made. 176 of them on 38 G base.


    In November 42 building was changed to the “true”  Marder III with German 7,5 cm. In that month the base was cha…[Read more]

  • The Leibfahne of Bavarian 18th cenury foot was White, in center the “Muttergottesbild”, Maria with child. In very early 18th century some regiments had it, some not. It became standard around 1705. In most cases the borders had the blue/White Rautenmuster. In that time each battalion, even the first, had an “Ordinarfahne”, the all over blue white…[Read more]

  • The armies used no battalion color codes in that time. Tactical the units had been seperated on the field, so no real need for that.


    A small problem, around 1700 Bavarian Grenadiers wore a pistol at the belt. They served with the mother unit. Still throwing grenades, heading attacks or in line at the flanks.


    One way to give the battalions…[Read more]

  • invisible officer replied to the topic 25-Pounder in the forum Bolt Action 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Well, the US 105 mm use(d) semi fixed amo, the 25 pdr and the German 105mm seperated one. Much less fatigue with those.


    The German one had the highest muzzle velocity of the three, 540 m/sec. 25 pdr 530 but the US one just 472.


    Bundeswehr got a version of the US gun with a German Rheinmetal barrel.  L/32,  640 m/sec.    The USA never thou…[Read more]

  • invisible officer replied to the topic 25-Pounder in the forum Bolt Action 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    If you trust sources that tell fuss like ” 25 pounder had a ROF of 6 per minute. 105 had an rof of 3. ” I fear there is no argumenting.   Just try contemporary German ones. like the Datenblätter 1944  Blatt   G 116II on the 105mm le FH 18/40.   Schuß min 6 – 8 .   For a short time like 25 pdr even much faster.

    The amo loading process of both was…[Read more]

  • invisible officer replied to the topic 25-Pounder in the forum Bolt Action 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    The 25pdr / 88mm is iconic but was a poor replacement for a modern WW II  105mm gun. Like the German LfH that was a mix of cannon and howitzer too. HE 11,5 Kilo shell to 14,8- More lethal. Equal range.     Same rate of fire and the  25pdr  AP round was inferior in penetration.

    For most gamers and game writers the 105 mm is no direct fire AT weap…[Read more]

  • I do it ever on resin stuff, that has often such a coat.


    But  metal miniatures are today rarely coated with such a stuff.   In some 40 years I hardly met 10 miniatures that made any problems. And plastics have no such coating at all.

    If they have a coating problem it comes from the modeller that played around with the miniatures on sprue or…[Read more]

  • BP is a very flexible minded system.   If you want a single model to represent a battery, do it. Or try some ways.  My Napoleonic forces have 1 model batteries, my Crimean war forces a 1 model ~ 2 real gun system. Allowing to show the different numbers of guns n batteries.

    The front of a battery was wide, the guns not standing wheel by wheel. Th…[Read more]

  • invisible officer replied to the topic Squares in the forum Black Powder 1 month, 1 week ago

    BP is much more flexible than other rule sets.

    Historically we have many moving squares.   The French often used a massive one, not the hollow one.  And that massive one was little different from a Battalion column.

    In colonial wars it was common to advance in squares. Often very large ones, made from some Battalions.   Front and back in line…[Read more]

  • There are some Special plastic glues. I use a German brand,   a liquid one called Faller Super Expert.   It sets much faster than average plastic glues, the Company also had that, just called expert.  Both  are very strong.

    Some do plastic miniature glueing with super glues.  Not my way but for those who want to try there is a trick. These Cyanac…[Read more]

  • I did that set long ago, before Warlord took it over. In Imperial Kürisser style.  The number of options is impressive.  But the horses a bit stiff in poses. I tried to give them a bit more Action.


    I use to assemble all miniatures before painting. I do single miniature basing so handling is easy.  I use plastic glue, the melting of surface giv…[Read more]

  • More added

  • I got two of the nice Warlord KFK.   The model represents the submarine hunter version of KFK 1 – 157. They had Depth Charges and 1x 3,7 cm and 1. 2 cm AA.   Minesweepers had just 2 x 2 cm AA.


    They had a “Spitzgatt” aft, from KFK 18 on the “Spiegelheck” was flat. That allowed an easier building.

    Soon the Allied superiority in the air made…[Read more]

  • The SS Panzer Pioniere are in Campaign Fortress Budapest. Page 109



    Like the Heer pioniere they can get mine clearing gear and other Pionier stuff and fanatics is in Special rules.  In real word the OOB was totally like Heer. That they use the word Sturmpionier there is ….





  • The SS Divisional Pionier units had the same OOB the Heer units had.   And no special toys. 😉


    The “Sturmpionier” is mostly a gamer myth, the units that had that name assigned in WW II for some time are ordinary Pioniere selected for some siege operation like Sewastopol. They got a higher number of assault explosive devices and some special t…[Read more]

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