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    Hi all,

    I have struggled to figure out the army list for the Prussians in the Epic Waterloo rulebook.

    There does not seem to be an entry for Jagers as either Line Infantry, or Skirmishers.

    I have inquired on the Facebook group about this and been referred to the 28mm entries from the 100 Days Campaign (sic) lists.

    Has this been addressed anywhere from Warlord?  I completely realize that points and lists are not the priority in this game, and I am not a pedant in this regard.

    But me a some mates are trying to build our armies on-par, and the lists are as good a benchmark as any other.


    Thanks in advance!


    Andrew T

    Cheers, good to know I’m not on my own. Couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t find out the points

    Andrew T

    I’m guessing we use the schutzen entry, seems odd to use the term though

    invisible officer

    Historically the Jäger in war of Liberation are named Schützen.   For example the Schlesische Schützen Battalion. A Jäger unit.   So the term would be 100 % correct.


    There was a problem with producing enough Jägerbüchsen / Rifles so some used carbines or shortened muskets.

    The terms got used long time for same troops, so Fallschirmjäger got also named Fallschirmschützen. In fact the Luftwaffen FJ Badge was officially the Fallschirmschützen Abzeichen


    I managed to get a reply from WG on this topic (don’t ask how).

    The Army List omission is a “known-known” and will presumably be addressed in some way (FAQ or future update).

    There was also a recommendation that British Rifles could be used as a proxy army list entry since they are essentially the same?

    There was also a mention to use Epic Battles The Hundred Days Rulebook – p125 as an entry.  Personally I wasn’t planning on getting that book, so I will go the route of using the Brit Rifles until something “official” comes out.


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