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    can you help me with german grenaiere decals? I’m doing grenadiere 1944 (6 june 1944 Normandy to january 1945)


    invisible officer

    Similar to HM forces German Heer used trade badges. These small round badges denoted special abilities or jobs.  Normally worn on right forearm.


    Like radio operator, Farrier, ordnance, Feuerwerker and some more.  In 28 mm the yellow sign on the green would be hardly different.  Gothic F or S for example….  SS had similar but on black.


    I found some answer, I put here if can help others:

    1 and 2. Reich color only used on green helmets (right hand side) and Reich Eagle (left hand side) Discontinued around 1940 – 1942

    3 Obersoldat (Senior Private) like USA private first class

    4 Ranks for officers used on camo unifors

    5 Used to show what regiment or division you belonged to. In the Army only used by GrossDeutchland Divison and war correspondent

    6 Tank destruction badge (one silver for each tank destroyed and gold for 5 tanks). Destroyed an enemy tank or an armored combat vehicle using a hand-held weapon. Anti-tank units were ineligible for this award (pak crew)

    7 Kill marker was painted on gun shields or side of the tanks. And the white stripes around the gun barrels for each kill

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    invisible officer

    The round badge with a pip was really the Ober…….   But hardly ever used with that  term Obersoldat.  It was Oberschütze, Oberjäger, Oberkanonier and so on.


    Hardly enough on the sheet for all uses, incl. the trade badges. So a Oberfunker needs two.


    The chevrons are for Gefreiter, Obergefreiter and Stabsgefreiter.   ~  Corporals.  Not Sergeants. Worn only  left upper arm.

    NCO had the rank on shoulder straps. They and officers border in  Waffenfarbe:  Green for Jäger (Light Infantry) ,  Wiesengrün for Panzergrenadiere, infantry white, artillery red  and some more.


    The camo ones start with one bar for NCO.  Going up to 5 bars for a Stabsfeldwebel.  The officers had on top the oakkleaf.

    The unit cuff titles are used by Heer also in some areas. Likelate war  KURLAND or Metz 1944.  Better known are AFRIKAKORPS and KRETA ones.


    The helmet badges are worn on all colors of helmets, so on sand too. Eagle left, Reichsfarbe right.   They had been transfers. From winter 41 (helmet chalk painted white and badge destroyed ) on no replacements went to front units but stocks got used until end of war for service at home etc. . Those that used a white cloth cover in winter and camo ones in summer carried the symbol as long as it lasted. But no longer seen under the cloth.

    No 5 was worn on right upper arm.   Official the:  Sonderabzeichen für das Niederkämpfen von Panzerkampfwagen durch Einzelkämpfer.  Started in march 43.  Golden one since dec. 43- The same date the destruction with Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck was accepted too.



    thanks for the clarifications

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