• If you use 28mm miniatures (official scale for Bolt Action / Warlord), then vehicles and scenic element (ground / table) scale is +/- 1/56.

    That said, the range of weapons is completely out of range (the useful range of a 36-inch sniper, scaled to reality is 51 meters?!?!?).
    On the scale of the distances traveled by infantry and vehicles I do not…[Read more]

  • I don’t understand how MMG works in Firefight.

    A) I attack a model, throw 5 dices to a single model, at least one dice hits the model, I can attack second model within 6” reducing the number of shots by 1, repeat.

    B) I attack a model, throw 1 dice to a single model, if dice hits the model I can continue second dice to same model or another…[Read more]