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    Arty Gun


    I recently played a game where my buddy wanted to “run” from ruins and board his transport. I said it wasn’t allowed.

    My logic – I am sure all BA players know that infantry can’t run in rough ground/ruins.  The exception is if they are doing a ‘6″ Assault Through Terrain’ move IAW pg 79 of the rules. To load a vehicle the unit must conduct a “run” move IAW pg 115. So my interpretation, is that he can’t mount the vehicle this turn as he cannot run out of the ruins.

    His logic – Since infantry units can do a ‘6″ Assault Through Terrain’ move, they should also be able to run through the terrain to mount his vehicle.

    Also discussed – my buddy, while acknowledging I had a point, brought up the point that since fixed weapons can only “run” when moving, therefore a mortars/MMG units could mount the vehicle because they run whenever they move.

    What are your thoughts?

    Stuart Harrison

    As written, I’d say you are correct.  ‘Should’ is a basis for discussing a house rule for when the situation comes up in future, it doesn’t change the definition of ‘no run’ terrain.  Same goes for exceptions in specific circumstances – they don’t change the general rule.


    From a rough reading I can agree.

    But for the same reason then a fixed weapon (MMG or mortar) cannot be moved in rough terrain because it only moves with a RUN order (according to the rulebook).
    Reading the FAQ / Errata (where it is said that a fixed weapon moves with RUN order in rough terrain but only 6”), I understand that by extension a unit in rough ground can uses the RUN order (maximum distance 6 ”) to reach and get into a vehicle.
    Wanting to see the logic makes sense like this, it would not make sense that a unit 1” from the vehicle but in rough ground does not have time to reach it and mount onboard.

    Stuart Harrison

    @ Steeljackal – fixed weapons couldn’t be moved in rough terrain with a run order so a specific exception had to be inserted in the errata allowing it.

    Again, specific exceptions don’t change/remove the general rule.  In this case, I’d say they confirm it by needing the exception.

    “Page 67, Fixed special rule, fourth paragraph. The sentence should be changed to read as follows:
    When ordered to Run, fixed weapons move the normal 12″ over open ground or 6″ over rough ground, obstacles etc.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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