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    This questions is about the use of multi launchers. Using the Soviet Katyusha, does the vehicle need to have line of sight to fire on a target using indirect fire? The model comes with two men, can one of these used as a spotter, and used in the same way as the spotter on a mortar?


    A unit that can have a spotter say so under “options”. So its normally stuff like Med/Hvy mortars and howitzers.

    So, your Katyusha does not have that option.

    But also note the part on p.71 under Indirect fire that allows them to fire against enemies even if friends are in the way.




    Line of sight only.  No multiple launcher currently has a spotter option.


    Frankly, they’re already broken enough lol.

    Stuart Harrison

    @ Jaesen – spotters are rare for multiple launchers, but one or two do exist – example, Ostfront, p63, Additional Units, Soviet Units, M-30 (a heavy multiple launcher that takes pins every time it fires and has to rally to re-load before it can fire again) has the option for a spotter.

    invisible officer

    From first BA that question came again and again.  Naturally Katyusha units and Nebelwerfer used spotters.  Not wasting amo firing blind in indirect fire.


    The rule writers tried to make the Multi launchers weaker for game reasons  but in reality a Feuerschlag from a Werfer Regiment was devastating. Round 1 –  Game end.  Just a few survivors under good cover.


    Well, we use single guns instead of batteries………..  A game.

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