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    I have just watched several unboxing videos on YouTube for the epic acw starter set. All agree the starter set represents excellent value. They all also feel that the pricing of wave two and three is excessive. Now l dont expect Warlord games to suddenly reprice these items but it seems an opportunity lost. I and I am sure others will not be…[Read more]

  • Peter replied to the topic Epic pricing in the forum General Discussion 3 years, 4 months ago

    I will agree the models are epic or at least very good,but they are certainly not good value! The starter set is great and good value. The only plus with the pricing is that it makes it easy to reach the £150 to get free shipping .

  • Hi Andrew. I received the Lee and Meade models. I remember in the pre order adds it showed them coming with the £90 starter and the £170 one of everything set. They are different sculpts to the ones shown in wave three.

  • Rule states shot at by flamethrower not hit by flamethrower. Just because troops may not be hit ,buildings and contents are still flammable.

  • Just saw the wave three epic releases. Wow the pricing is truly epic. It is cheaper to buy metal Kalistra cavalry than Warlord resin cavalry. Then I saw the skirmishes , 40 figures for £25 ,that’s the same price as 40 28mm Perry plastic figures. Not sure if I will be adding these to my collection in a hurry.

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    I keep mine in under bed plastic storage boxes. They are deep enough for cavalry with upright lances and hold about 60 40x40mm bases of figures. Collection currently fills about 40 of these boxes.

  • I was excited at the prospect of epic acw, bought several copies of Wargames illustrated for the sprues  and ordered the starter package. But then I saw the prices of the wave two and three releases. Wow ,its cheaper to buy kalistra metal cavalry than warlord resin by some margin,then along come the skirmishes 40 figures for £25 ,the same pice a…[Read more]

  • I used Perry wars of the roses mounted knights and light cavalry. They may not be accurate but look the part and are relatively cheap.

  • Hello all

    I am Peter from Australia.I have been wargaming since the early 1970’s. Started with historical gaming with airfix etc ,later moved onto Games workshop in almost all forms then back to historical with all the Warlord Games rules ceaser ,pike,blackpowder,bolt action,cruel sea and victory at sea. I am now eagerly awaiting epic ACW.

  • Epic battles should be good for doing large battles on the table we game on in 28mm. I can see the possibility of expanding into other periods particularly where the troop types are similar such as the English civil war,samurai wars ,war of Spanish succession etc  where few new moulds are needed to cover the troop types. I am eager to see what is in store.

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