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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Storage for 28mm,what are folks using?</p>

    invisible officer

    For 28mm foot  storage I use second hand stuff.   For example plastic drawers that I got for free, one can put 30 of them one on another. Inside high enough for foot soldiers.

    Others are in candle cardboard boxes. The big ones used on altar.  As professional historian I worked for a congregation in an old Templar church and via that connection I got them as recycling. They take two single base rows.


    Cavalry with upright lances go into Ikea Helmar metal drawer systems. Or shoe cardbord boxes.  And the packing cardboard is ideal for more foot.


    if your in the UK look at simple storage boxes

    Dr Dave

    RUB: Really Useful Boxes.

    The 4 Lt variety are the best. They’re tough and stackable.


    Been using these plastic fishing tackle trays and similar since 1992.

    Just make sure they are deep enough to clear riders, bayonets, lances, flags etc.



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    I keep mine in under bed plastic storage boxes. They are deep enough for cavalry with upright lances and hold about 60 40x40mm bases of figures. Collection currently fills about 40 of these boxes.


    I use the large rectangular wooden wine boxes along with fridge magnet material. So far has the contents of the large ACW army box and will take about the same again. Also looks cool 🙂

    Charge The Guns

    Another vote for Really Useful Boxes (RUB).  4L for regular infantry and 9L for pikemen and lancers.  They do most of their boxes in different colours and so you can colour code your collections.  I line mine with MDF as shown.  Some of the MDF laser cut firms produce inserts especially designed for RUB.

    Inside a RUB


    I also use “Really Useful Boxes”. I line the box with ferrous sheets, and have magna-base on the underside of the figures.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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