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    BA regards both the M1917 and the M1919 as Medium MG. There is no Light MG present in the standard US infantry squad. Both machine guns are available  but come with 3 man crews.  As far as I know the US infantry squad was issued with the BAR rather than the MGs.

  • However, as note before, page 20 specifically names Line, Attack Column and Mixed Formation being different. It just adds that level of uncertainty. This is not a competition rule set, so my group have decided to go with the attack column not getting the benefit of the morale bonus when shot at from the front.  Thanks for the input all!

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    The Pila effect only takes place in the first round of combat when a charge has occurred. The unit must be fighting to its front, and not a supporting unit. See page 104 of the MRB.

  • Hi Garry,

    Actually I had not looked at it from the point of view of “formations”. Valid formation are listed on page 20, and there Mixed order is a separate line from attack column. This just adds another level on confusion.

    My own person preference would be that from the flank or rear the unit would get the benefit of the attack column as the…[Read more]

  • Simple question. If a unit in attack column deploys it skirmishers in mixed order, does it get the morale bonus for being in attack column or does that only apply if the main body is shot at from its flanks/rear?

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    An Abteilung looses 4 H2H and 2 stamina compared to a large unit. It is also 16 points cheaper than the large unit.

    C0E page 71. Each cavalry regiment with the Abteilung rule can be replaced by 2 3 or 4 Abteliungs. Here is the actual text:

    Because of this common ‘Abteilungsweise’ employment of splitting up regiments into detachments, we all…[Read more]

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    I suspect the army lists created before the Britannia book. As HC is intended to be scenario driven rather than points based some things don’t have points available. If you want to cost them agree a value with your opponents.

  • Do remember that every time the vehicle moves you will need to restart the ranging in process.

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    As no-one else has responded yet.

    1. I cannot find it explicitly stated anywhere, but see “Units Leaving the Table”. I would read that leaving the table is not something you would voluntarily do. The chargers therefore would not leave the table.  The ability of the chargers to attack another unit really depends on how their orders were stated.…[Read more]

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    Played my first HC game (Marians vs Anglo Saxon) since the start of Covid yesterday, and unsurprisingly found both I and my opponent had forgotten just about everything. The section of rules that we had most problems with was the proximity rule, so here are some queries:

    1. The Saxon line advances towards the Romans. The two battle lines are…[Read more]

  • Both the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings can field combined units of heavy and medium foot. Can you combine upgraded heavy infantry with the medium infantry (i.f Saxon Thegns equipped with Long spears with Ceorls)

  • At the moment I have 10 painted battalions. Of these only 2 are large. Maneuvering has not been an issue as there is no command penalty for being large. Also, when in attack column the large battalion has the same frontage as the standard size battalion (3 wide/3 deep vs 3 wide/2 deep). The extra firepower of the large battalion in line is pretty good too.

  • That is why I asked the question – to see if anyone else has tried anything different. One idea that I have been thinking on is SR -1 if ordering 2 regiments, SR-2 is ordering 4 or more regiments

  • Hi Nat,

    The Austrians can field a brigade with one regiment. However, doing that does not really save anything as 2 regiments still need 2 command rolls whether they are in the same or different brigades. You also have the probem that any artillery battery will need a sperate command roll to move.

    I have played around with small cavalry…[Read more]

  • In Clash of Eagles, both the Russian and Austrian brigade commanders get some serious command penalties.

    The exact phrasing is “Austrian and Russian brigade commanders were not used to manoeuvring brigade-size formations and lacked the very experienced staff that the French army possessed, resulting in a lack of inter-unit cooperation.”

    Do…[Read more]

  • If they have the mixed formation rule the they can. If not they cannot.

  • Actually, as the points system does not include a cost for mixed formation, so the saxons get a freebie which the Landwher do not get.

  • Thanks, that makes sense

  • OK, so normally units without the skirmish rule cannot be in open order. The one except is when entering such things as wood. Changing to open order requires an order and takes 1 move. So, by my understanding to enter a wood, the non-skirmish unit would require a minimum 2 moves – one to go into open order, and then 1 to enter the terrain.…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the replies.  Looking at the description of unreliable on page 105 it says:

    if unreliable units are included in a group order with other units this means it is possible for other units to move whilst the unreliable elements remain staunchly immobile.

    This doesnt really describe the full impact. However I am tempted to go with…[Read more]

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