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    Bob Philip

    Hi there, I have a wee question about something that was mentioned inthe crusader army list description. Its a note that says

    ” Note that in the case of holy order knights, this means they can be both  Steady and cataphract- and are therefore allowe dto ignore the first  two rolls of 6 against them when it comes to triggering missile break tests”

    Now i can understand why the Steady does it but not sure why the cataphract does it. All I can see is the cataphract rule is a minus 1 to hit.

    Can anybody clear this up, because if cataphract does cause  it (I’m thinking that the minus 1 comes off the dice score, i.e a 6 becomes a 5 therefore no missles check, which wuld mean cataphracts would never take a missile check as the highest they could get on a die is 5, hopefully you can throw some light on this as  we had a hefty discussion about this in my wargames club.

    Many thanks


    I think this is likely to be a typo. Just checked my copy of the rules and you are correct – Cataphract simply reduces the to hit chance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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