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    Played my first HC game (Marians vs Anglo Saxon) since the start of Covid yesterday, and unsurprisingly found both I and my opponent had forgotten just about everything. The section of rules that we had most problems with was the proximity rule, so here are some queries:

    1. The Saxon line advances towards the Romans. The two battle lines are approximately 10 inches apart. The Saxons have an extra unit extending beyond the Roman line. This extra unit is within 12″ of the Romans, but whilst the Romans are it its front quarter they are not in front of the Saxon units leader. This therefore fall under this section:

    “If a unit is not facing an enemy at the start of a move, as described above, but has enemy within 12″ and to the front, even if only partially so, then the unit must face towards an enemy        to its front and within no more than three moves distance as it moves.”

    When moved is it required to position itself so that there is an enemy unit in front of it leader or is it OK for the unit to just move forward. We played it that the Saxons were allowed to simply move forward (which actually was not much of an advantage as there was terrain to their front so they were unable to take advantage of the end of the line.

    2. A mixed unit of Thegns/Ceorls charges a unit of Legionaries supported by a cavalry unit to their rear. The Legionaries wins, and the Saxon unit has to make a retreat. It is now the Romans turn. so he charges the Saxons using his initiative move. Is the cavalry unit affected by the proximity rule (the Saxons are within 12 inches and directly in front, but there is an intervening unit), or does the intervening unit act as a block?. We played it that the cavalry were held by the proximity rule.

    Many thanks in advance.

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