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    So, I had a two open order light chariots 6″ from the back edge of the table.  My opponent charged my chariots and rolled a triple move from around 12″ way with chariots.  I evaded.  Because I was less than a full move from the back edge, we moved my troops off the table.  Several questions came up…

    1) Can you pursue an opponent off the table?  We decided no. He wanted to redirect his charge to another unit not on the line my unit evaded… I did not think you can redirect a charge… only charge another unit on the same line the evaders took.

    2) Can the unit return in the next move?  Can it return in any formation?  We know it can only move 6″ onto the Board, when it returns, but can it charge units within 6″ and in my example come back on formed?  We decided it had to return in the same formation it exited unless it spent a move reforming.  Was that right?

    3) If the Division Commander is still on the table, do you measure command distance to the point they exited, when issuing orders?


    As no-one else has responded yet.

    1. I cannot find it explicitly stated anywhere, but see “Units Leaving the Table”. I would read that leaving the table is not something you would voluntarily do. The chargers therefore would not leave the table.  The ability of the chargers to attack another unit really depends on how their orders were stated. If you are not taking the shortest route to the first  target you need to specify the exact line of attack, and this could result in you ending in a bad position if you don’t get a good enough command roll.

    2. Units off table can return as long as they are not shaken/part of a broken division – page 32. With a light unit you can order it to change formation and then make a move onto the table (Page 36). However the move when the formation changes takes place cannot be a charge. You need to get 2 moves in order to charge.

    3. The command distance is from the commander to the designated entry point (Page 32) This entry point is not specified for troops leaving the table, bit I would assume they return at the point they left.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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