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    I’m completely new to this, having only read the Pike & Shotte rules but never played yet. I’ve started painting an army of landsknechte, because I like the varied uniforms. Panting an entire army in the same colours does not motivate me in the same way.

    As yet I have only the Foot, but looking at the liste from the Battle of Pavia in the book, the Horse includes Gendarmes, Reiters and so on. But which miniatures do people use for these? If Gendarmes are armoured knights, then maybe the War of the Roses line has something somewhat suitable, although these are earlier than the Italien Wars. For mounted arquebusiers it seems the 30 Years War line has something like that, but these are too late for my period.

    I know Steel Fist minatures have some knights as well as mounted arquebusiers, has anybody used these?

    invisible officer

    Unfortunately not. The armor around 1525 was very different from the Rose war one, esp. the helmets.


    But there is a warlord series that fits, the wars of religion gensdarmes. And the mtd. Arquebusuiers too.

    Charge The Guns

    I’m glad IO has some ideas as I am a bit hazy on this part of the period.  I know that for late 15th century some of the WotR figures will work, but by Pavia they will not be right.  Those Steel Fist Gendarmes do look glorious.  Not sure what part of the Italian Wars they work best for.


    I contacted Warlords customer service for another issue, and asked about this as well. The nice people pointed me towards the Wars of Religon Gendarmes and Mounted Arquebusiers as close enough to several of the entries on the Italian Wars army list in the P&S rulebook. They did pass my wich for more cavalry for this conflcit on to the studio…buggerit, I should have asked for more artillery as well 😉


    I used Perry wars of the roses mounted knights and light cavalry. They may not be accurate but look the part and are relatively cheap.

    Sadurian Mike

    The horses from the Perry WotR range are great. You can use them with the optional plate barding or without, and it is relatively easy to add the distinctive ‘skirt’ sometimes seen on the heavy horse barding.

    For the figures themselves, have a look at the Wargames Foundry range; “Pike and Shot: Early 16th Century Renaissance”. The human figures are good, a little stiff in pose but nice figures. I do not use the Foundry metal horses because they look too small for heavy cavalry, instead changing them for the Perry plastic horses. If you contact Foundry, they may be able to do you a deal on the riders alone – it never hurts to ask!

    EDIT: I forgot to mention the most obvious choice! The Assault Group do a range of cavalry in their Renaissance ranges. You can buy them with or without the horses, so mounting the TAG figures onto Perry horses is easy.

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