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  • The horses from the Perry WotR range are great. You can use them with the optional plate barding or without, and it is relatively easy to add the distinctive ‘skirt’ sometimes seen on the heavy horse barding.

    For the figures themselves, have a look at the Wargames Foundry range; “Pike and Shot: Early 16th Century Renaissance”. The human figures…[Read more]

  • You can buy English Tudor miniatures from The Assault Group. The English, Tudor figures are suitable for Henry VIII’s battles (1509-1547), and the later English, Stuart figures are suited for Elizabeth’s reign (1558-1603) with some crossover, of course). Mary’s reign could be represented by mixing the two ranges.

    I assume that you are aware that…[Read more]

  • There are as many terrain tips out there as there are gamers, so you need to find what works for you. Remember also that what works in photos of tables doesn’t necessarily work in gaming. An example is creating cornfields with door mats or ‘teddy bear fur’. It looks spectacular until you start putting units onto it, at which point you generally…[Read more]

  • Thanks CtG,

    I suspect that I’ll be keeping the points cost but allowing Closing Fire, the extra range and adding the +1 Morale Save for the Longbow targets. All subject to convincing my opponents, of course. I like your idea of overhead fire, but will probably just assume that the figure scale represents a few ranks of archers lobbing arrows over…[Read more]

  • My opinion is certainly not an official call, but might I throw in my own thoughts?

    • If your opponent disagrees with the change to the ruleset you propose then he is at liberty to say no. Tinkering with rules is fine, but only so long as both players agree to the alterations.
    • Historically, minefields were sited in depth because their value is,…

    [Read more]

  • As IO has suggested, not everyone washes their figures.

    Personally, I do when ever I remember. Remember that the figure you hold in your eager paw has been in a mould coated with a mould-release agent, then prised out and packed by hand in (sorry, Warlord, the same goes for all commercial figures and models) an undoubtedly dusty small factory…[Read more]

  • A bow question.

    Some units in the earlier period (Italian Wars) get the option to replace their arquebuses with crossbows for 0 points (pp98-99), but English Tudor longbowmen pay an extra 1 point per Shooting Value ‘pip’ for their bows (18″ range costs 2 points per pip instead of 1 point for 12″) (p.115).

    According to p201 and the summary chart…[Read more]

  • Hi, I’m Mike (aka Sadurian Mike), a member of the old forum back in the day. I’m a contemporary military historian by training and education, currently working as a civilian contractor to the MoD. I have interests in most periods, although Late Medieval/Early Modern (what used to be called the Renaissance) and C20th are my particular areas of…[Read more]

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