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    Marcel Kräuter

    Hello Dudes and Dudettes,


    My name is Marcel and i’m currently sitting in Treves, Germany. After (mostly) turning my back on a well-known miniatures-manufacturer that got a little too greedy for my taste, i finally managed to buy my first Gates of Antares models and i love them. I don’t know if i ever felt that excited to actually play a game (even if that’s probably not gonna happen very soon).

    The more realistic hard-scifi feel of Antares is a very welcome relief to the ultra grim dark fascist-super-knights fighting space-demons, robot-skeletons and naughty-space-elves (which can be good fun, too – but feels a bit over the top lately).

    I seem to have an inherent talent to kill things with my mere interest, so i apologize in advance should BTGOA go out of print as soon as i have finished my first army list 😛

    Be excellent to each other!


    Herr Krauter,

    I read your post with interest. I began my relationship with Warlord Games 5-6 years ago through the BTGOA portal. I had freshly joined a club and one of the old hands (a now retired foot surgeon) game-mastered a pretty straight forward engagement between Algoryn and Boromites. It helped that he was a very good painter, as well. About 8 of us gathered around a 7×5 foot table, playing on a 4 x 6 mat with suitable terrain, and we basically went at it–all for the first time. I was hooked from then on. Since then, I have gotten involved with TOH, BA, and K47, collecting and building armies, being very satisfied with the quality of the product, the gaming systems, and the customer service. Currently, I have Ghar Empire, Ghar Rebellion, and Concord armies; the latter still need painting up but I collected all that I need for it. If we can ever get past the pandemic several of the club members would like to do a campaign, among us we have the original six/seven armies on hand. I hope y0u find some playmates as it is a lot of good fun, lends itself to masterful tactical play (I am a retired army officer), and still retains enough surprise and chance to keep everyone engaged. In short, I really like the game system.

    Best of luck and good gaming,

    Sam Wilson, New Jersey, USA.



    My name is Chris Coffelt.  i reside in Mid-Missouri. I am a huge fan of Warlord Games. My recent attention has been on Black Seas. But I also play Bolt Action, Cruel Seas, Hail Ceaser, and Black Powder.

Viewing 3 posts - 226 through 228 (of 228 total)
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