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    Eric Fontaine

    Have a specific rules question, let’s hear it. Let’s chat about it. And lets get the official ruling. Who will be first?


    If a battalia commander fails an orders test, can the battalia general then attempt to give that same unit the same order?

    Charge The Guns

    Hi fabambina

    No. From p32 “If the order roll is failed then the unit cannot be issued another order that turn.”

    If there are other units in battalia that haven’t been issued an order then the General can attempt to issue them an order.

    Cat Shot One

    (for lack of a better place)

    Are the Samurai Armies lists & rules (“Armies of the Daimyos”) also available separately from the big army box?

    Mark McLaughlin

    Combat Results Question
    -i am just learning these rules on my own (played many other sets, have lots of figures)

    –are the Combat Result Bonuses extra dice you roll to try and score hits OR are they applied to the end result?

    In other words, is this example right (or have I got it wrong)

    In combat, two units fight.
    Unit A suffers two casualties, Unit B suffers one casualty.

    Do you THEN add in the Combat Results Bonus?

    So right now A is losing
    but, if A has flank and rear support, it gets +2….which means although it has taken two casualties, it has still won…and then B has to take a break test for losing the combat?
    (A: inflict 1 casualty, +2 bonus = total of 3 vs
    B: inflict 2 casualties = total of 2)

    which means to defeat a hedgehog, take a house, or defeat someone in the middle of a line with support all around you only win if you inflict far more losses than you take?

    Is that right, or do i have it all wrong.

    The rulebook, sadly and oddly, does not have a good example of resolving a combat….appreciate any help

    Charge The Guns

    Hi Mark

    Yes, this bit can get confusing.

    Using your example, the casualties will affect the units’ Stamina. The Combat Result Bonuses are used only to decide who won the melee and do NOT affect stamina.

    So a unit could cause more casualties but lose the melee due to the enemy’s supports etc.

    Note, it is only casualties over stamina, and the break test modifiers, that act as a minus on a break test. I.e. combat result modifications don’t impact the break test.

    Agree an example in the rules would help.


    Wondering if i’m understand Cromwell wrong. He seems overpowering when he joins a unit of Ironsides as their Morale means you can only score a hit on a roll of 1. One of which would be a preroll to a 1 given they are stubborn. Seems terribly difficult to land hits. Am I understanding this wrong?

    Many thanks


    Charge The Guns

    Hi Bill. I think you’re reading it right, but I agree it is too powerful. I have not yet fielded Cromwell with his Ironsides (having a bit of trouble finishing that particular conversion) but the Ironsides on their own are pretty darn’d good!

    I think this falls into the “if you don’t like it then don’t use it” category. If you are playing with someone fielding His Majesty Cromwell then perhaps best to agree to drop this or give him some alternative ‘buff’. Perhaps you could offer to have less decorations this Christmas as a penance ;-).


    ugh, my son is holding on to that rule like an Alabama tick! I was hoping we were reading it wrong. Maybe I need to take a complete breach of reality and sing “Then came the Winged Hussars!” lol.

    Thanks for the comments. It’s definitely over powering and I don’t see the Royalists having a solution?

    Charge The Guns

    If it’s your son, Bill, then I would cut his allowance and up his chores! 🙂

    You could try playing some of the scenarios rather than straight points as this may give more interesting armies to fight against each other.

    Alternatively escalate the points approach to mutually assured destruction by taking a Scots Royalist ‘Classic Montrose’ list with Fanatic, Ferocious Charging Irish Brigade. They won’t stop his Tiger II, but will make a mess of the New Nodel foot. Hopefully this will bring on ‘Hey Dad, let’s play some historical stuff’! 😉


    Lol, he’s 22 so allowance is not an option but I could take away his room and have him sleep in a tent in the back yard, lol. He’s Army so he might like that, though.

    Good idea on the Montrose angle. For our most recent game we’ve taken some serious but fun liberties. On my older son’s team he has a New Model Army with the ‘Painful’ Cromwell situation. He has a partner, his best friend, who also has a New Model Army but also some Mercenary Landsknechts with Halberds (I know, this is a “Bill’s” world game).

    On my side, I have the Irish Brigade with MacColla, a Cornish Pike regiment, a medium gun and two units of cavalry. I have Astley as C&C. My other son (15 year old) has a TYW little Army with Tilly and a large Pike regiment along with a unit of Cuirassiers, Croats and a unit of Winged Lancers. I recognize the massive level of liberties here, but the board looks so darn good lined up. I’ll send a pick.

    As a side note, I’m trying to lure in three more sons into this little hobby that I’ve recently picked up. Wish me luck!

    Charge The Guns

    Sounds like you have the start of a Pike and Shotte dynasty there Bill! 🙂

    John Towles

    The rules state that when a commander is attached to a disordered unit, he may still issue orders to other units. The question is, if the unit the commander is attached to is NOT disordered, may he still issue commands to other units? A follow up would be if a commander is attached to a unit that is in continuing combat, may he still issue commands to other units?

    Charge The Guns

    Hi John, an interesting set of questions. I can’t see anything about restrictions on giving orders if a commander starts a turn with a unit, what ever its state.

    John Towles

    Another one. May artillery pivot and fire during the same turn?

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